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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Matching My Diet Coke It's Mine Bottle With A Manicure & Nail Art Tutorial

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyFavoriteIsAllMine #CollectiveBias

When I met my husband, I knew he was the one.  I just knew.  It was probably because he introduced me to Diet Coke.  It was love at first drink!  That cold fresh taste opened a world of wonder that I had never known before.  If you know me in real life, you probably think Diet Coke runs through my veins because you never see me without one, and you would be right!!!  It is my life's blood...the very reason I get out of bed in the morning.   When my eyes first open, I slam them shut and try for a few more minutes of slumber.   Then I think about the cold refreshing bubbly taste of a Diet Coke, and truly, that gets me out of bed.  It is unspeakable joy that courses over my tastebuds as I take the first sip of the familiar liquid every morning and again with each sip throughout the day .  Truly refreshing to my often dry throat.  You may or may not know that I am a lifelong artist, so to combine my favorite beverage with varied bright bottles in different patterns, to me is an absolute thrill.   Seriously.  Diet Coke It's Mine 12 oz. bottles were made for me!!


So we were out the other day and hubs suggested we pick up some of the Diet Coke It's Mine individualized bottles. (We have a Coca Cola collection that we started after he gave me that first bottle.) We dropped into Albertson's to check them out. Did you know that there is a Sweepstakes running only at Albertson's to win 1 of 10 VIP packages for two to go to Los Angeles and attend Primetime's Biggest Awards Show in May 2016?   The packages include hotel, travel gift card, a pre-party reception, exclusive gift bag and ticket to the awards show.  Now, I know you all want to go see if Jimmy or Jimmy wins, lol.  You can enter with a selfie of you and your personal Diet Coke It's Mine bottle.  Use the hashtag #ItsAllMineSweepstakes on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win.  Twitter and Instagram accounts must be public throughout the contest, which runs until April 26, 2016.

My ever funny hubby wanted a selfie of his bottle.  Imagine the conversation when I tell him he needs a selfie of him WITH his chosen bottle....he said my Diet Coke It's Mine bottle is the star and I want to show it in a selfie with Albertson's.  hmmm...okay....


Funny guy!!!  He picked out his bottle to go with a purple and red Coca Cola lamp that we have which sits on this cool Coca Cola baker's shelf that we found at an antique mall.  The manager at Albertson's was SO nice!!!  He offered to let us go into the back cooler, (we were rowdy, ha!), and pick through more bottles if we wanted, but we didn't want to be a bother, so we thanked him and declined....we shoulda done it!!!!!  Anyway, I picked up a couple of Diet Coke It's Mine bottles that I thought would accent both the lamp and the shelf itself.    Doesn't the bottle on the far right remind you of a desert sunset?  Umm hmm.  And look on the second shelf to see the Diet Coke It's Mine can in the 8 oz size.

selfie, manicure, nail art

If you know me, you'll know any time I go to pick up another Diet Coke It's Mine unique bottle, I have a hard time choosing just one.  I pick til my arms are full and then load up the arms of whomever I'm with.  The 2 million bottles each have their own individual pattern and you know, I want one of every color scheme at least!!

Hubs and I both had our arms full when I spied the next bottle.  Kid you not, it zinged me in the heart!  Peering deep into it's color scheme and pattern, I was transported in my mind to my happy place....a tropical beach with a Diet Coke It's Mine bottle in hand!!!  Just look at this beauty!!!

I could feel the palms waving in the breeze while I watched the sea lapping in the background thru the tree's branches.  I marved as sea met sky and the varying colors of blue combined with the glory of a tropical sunset.  I squinted as the sun bounced off the ocean and I sipped my Diet Coke It's Mine bottle.  I was transported to the happiest most colorful imaginary place.  Hubby spoke me back into the moment and I said "I have to have this bottle.  This is truly MY Diet Coke It's Mine bottle, and I need this on my nails".

 I'm going to show you how to make your manicure match your Diet Coke It's Mine 12 oz bottle.  First, choose your weapon, er bottle.  I really really love these bottles.  I just get lost looking at them.  The one of the right made me think of the people playing at the beach because it had a fleshy color.

selfie, manicure, nail art, nail polish
I chose a light blue background to match my special bottle.  The polish has small white and holographic glitters.  I felt those mimicked the feel of movement in the trees and the wind that I imagine softly making the palm branches dance when I look at my bottle.

selfie, nail art, nail polish, manicure
I wanted to make sure what was in my head would translate to my nails because it doesn't always come out like my mind sees it.  I swatched different colors and patterns on my nail wheel that I used as a palette.  You can find palettes and nail wheels at most nail supply stores, but if you can't find one, use the plastic inserts that come in so many things, (like makeup).  They make excellent recyclable art palettes.  Have fun and reuse, too!!!

I chose the blue in the middle of the above picture to add to the implied movement on my nails.  It is a fairly sheer polish, so I just dabbed in spots and drew different shapes, much like the creation of the Diet Coke It's Mine bottles.  At this point, I took a picture to see if it was looking like what was in my mind.  Thankfully, it was coming along fine.

selfie, nail art, manicure, nail polish

I really like it like this and I think it matches the bottle well.  I wanted to add the pink sunset flare to my nails.  Sometimes less is more, so what I did was dab a bit of a sheerish pink into the middle of the palette.  Had I used the color straight from the bottle with the nail brush, I would have too much and it would flood my design.

I dipped the blunt end of a small paintbrush into the pink polish and just did small dots where I thought might work out.  If you want to use sheer polishes and you don't have them, you can use acrylic paint instead.  A lot of nail artists use acrylic paint, just sheer it with a bit of water.   Well, I really like how it turned out.

nail art, selfie, manicure, nail polish

When I went out today, people were all asking about my manicure.  I told them it matched my Diet Coke It's Mine bottle and they could do something similar.  This is SO FUN!!!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have questions or need more help, I'd be happy to help you.  Don't hesitate to ask.

You can have a lot of fun following Diet Coke and Albertson's on Twitter.  Follow Diet Coke with me on PinterestInstagram, and Facebook.  And Selfie a picture with your Diet Coke It's Mine bottle to enter the Sweepstakes with the hashtag #ItsAllMineSweepstakes.

Diet Coke It's Mine 12  oz bottles are only available for a limited time.  I'd love to buy the whole 2 million so that I had them all, but, ya know.  I will keep collecting as long as I can find them, but I'd also like to see yours!!!  I couldn't ever possibly see every bottle, so please show me yours.  I just love color, texture and patterns so much, that I'd love to see each bottle, every makeup and nail inspired look that you come up with.  Have you been inspired by a Diet Coke It's Mine bottle or can yet?

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Nail Art with KB Shimmer and Painted Polish

I've had a nail art idea in my mind for awhile that I wanted to try close to Valentine's Day.  I used 3 KB Shimmer nail polishes and one holo jelly from Painted Polish.  I've really enjoyed it the past week.  These are the polishes I used for my manicure:

nail art, Falling For Hue, holo, Foiled, Frisky In Fuchsia, Leaf of Faith

From left to right as you read:  KB Shimmer Falling For Hue, KB Shimmer Foiled, KB Shimmer Leaf Of Faith and Painted Polish Frisky in Fuchsia.

nail art, valentine's day, manicure

I just ADORE the off-white with glitter crellies by KB Shimmer.  I'd like to say they're my favorite of her line, but I feel that way about every one of her polishes that I use.  Having said that, the crelly shimmers are my favorite, and Falling For Hue is my favorite of the crellys.  :)  There are purple and red glitter specks of all shapes and sizes that reflect color as the light hits.  Each glitter speck provides holographic depth to the white crelly.  It applies like a dream and I used two coats on my middle finger.  Sad to tell you it is a retired color.

KB Shimmer Foiled, ($9.25), well the name just does a great job of describing it.  It is loaded with small silver metallic flakes.  It applies so smoothly!!!  I was really curious about the silver metallic polishes at KB Shimmer, and whether they would buckle as the flakes hit each other....I was so silly!  I should have known they'd be absolutely smooth as glass.  Just two coats are used as a base for the nail art on my thumb, ring and index fingers.  It's hard for me to take a great picture of this because it's so reflective, so bear that in mind when you see the manicure pics.  Foiled is everything I ever could have hoped it would be.

holo, holographic, jelly, red, nail art, manicure

Leaf of Faith, ($8.75), is a deep red jelly with red, gold and orange glitters that make this polish really come alive!!  I think a plain red jelly in this color would be super fantastic, too.  You can see the random holographic specks in Leaf of Faith to really draw you in.  I used this for nail art on my ring finger.  If I hadn't already had so many fingers full of polish, I would have done a full finger in this, too.  The sad part is that the nail art on my ring finger is really hard to photograph given the sparkle of the polishes and the size of the nail vinyls that I used.

nail art, Valentines Day, nail vinyls

Holy snap!!!  Painted Polish Frisky In Fuchsia, ($10), is everything you could ever want in a pinky fuchsia holographic polish!  It looks like a delicious jam and the holo is mainly red and violet and can spark shades of gold and orange.  It also applies smoothly and with ease.  I used two coats on my pinky and one coat with a nail vinyl on my index finger.  Obviously I'll need more polishes from this line.  Everything about this polish was outstanding.

nail art, metallic, holographic

So that's my mani.  Those are lips on my ring finger plus a heart shaped jewel.  I just couldn't get it to come out in photos.  Don't you think that KB Shimmer needs to bring back Falling for Hue?  Love that white crelly glitter!!!  Shoot, I really love all the polishes I used.

You can shop KB Shimmer's nail polish along with bath and body products HERE and Painted Polish HERE.  Their websites contain links to all their social media sites.  I love a great indie nail polish and these are.  They make me feel all lovey and mushy....just like Valentine's.  Who needs chocolate when you can have nail polish?!?!?!?!

Please visit the other blogs linked for more manicure ideas.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Perfect Holiday Red Gel Polish - Gelish Good Gossip

So before Christmas, I wanted to do a really cool nail art manicure, using Gelish Good Gossip as the base.  I applied the base and a coat of polish, then another....I looked at my nails and said "oh my gosh what a beautiful color!" and ditched the nail art ideas and wore this delicious red instead.

review, swatches

I wasn't prepared for the terrifically holo scattered red lights inside.  The polish gives the look of layer after layer of shiny red Christmas lights.  It's so much more beautiful in person than pictures.

swatches, review, sallys, nailpolishswatches, review

I hoped showing it under different lights could bring out the glowing effect of the red specks inside.  They just glow like Christmas lights.  It's a bright and beautiful color.

swatches, review, Sallys, nail polishnail polish, swatches, sallys, review

It's just crazy pretty and sparkly without glitter no matter how you look at it.  This is two coats of Good Gossip and applied using the Gelish lamp and treatment system.  I LOVED wearing this!!

Gelish Mini's can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $12.99 each, and the cost is a little cheaper if you are a beauty club member.  I loved wearing this as you might have seen on my social media.  Gelish just never fails me.  I wore this for 12 days when I got really ancy for a color change.

Did you have special Christmas or other holiday makeup or manicures?  Feel free to share what you did below.  Do you do gel polish at home?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anne Hathaway's SAG Awards Butterfly Nails

The fashion talk of the SAG Awards for 2013 is Anne Hathaway's butterfly manicure. The actress walked away with a SAG but the buzz about her nails nearly eclipsed the thrill of her win.

I don't have a picture for you, but you can view the actual instagram photo just after her manicure, by her artist Tom Bachik, here.  GO LOOK.  NOW!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pink Snowy Manicure Featuring Sation, Lynnderella and Zoya Nail Polishes

Sation Freeze Frame Lynnderella Snow Angel Nail polish swatches

As the rich darks of autumn and the festive brights of Christmas faded and being still in the depth of winter, I longed for a fresh snowy manicure, reflecting the crystalline beauty of my native land. With a twist. Alaska in the winter is frosty shades of icy blue and grey but I needed a warmer cheeriness and I pictured a nude pink snowy manicure. I loved this manicure!!! Loved it the most since...the last manicure I loved. I also found the lightness of the nude pink to be a great palette cleanser after Christmas.


I began with Sation Freeze Frame, pictured at the left. It is a light cool sheer pink with tonal shimmer. I don't think anyone does this kind of embedded shimmer like Sation. It's not frosty and it's not creme. It's much more interesting than either of those formulas, in my opinion, and gives more life to the look of the polish.

Being slightly cooler pink than I had in mind, I next put a layer of Zoya Bailey on top of the Sation. Bailey is a light sheer nude pink with pink and icy shimmers. The two polishes combined to give the nude pink I had in my mind.

Zoya Bailey Nail Polish swatches

For my snowy effect, I applied a layer of Lynnderella Snow Angel. It is a complex white glitter that has micro circular pieces and small squares and circles. It applies with a light sheen that was sheer perfection for the manicure I wanted. I didn't use an additional top coat because of the look I was longing for. I had a cluster of squares on one finger that were uneven and one caught on something and pulled off. Without a top coat, this was the perfect idea I had in mind.

Lynnderella Snow Angel Nail Polish swatches

Lynnderella Snow Angel Nail Polish swatches

I can't tell you how much I loved this manicure. It just pleased me to no end. Loved, loved, loved it!!

Sation Freeze Frame Nail Polish Swatches

Additionally, I have some news from Sation regarding a new collection coming out called Candylandia. It's inspired from the Habro board game Candyland!!

From the press release:

"Embark on a magical, manicured journey filled with fun characters and luscious lacquers. Sweeten up your new year when Candylandia hits the shelves this January.
Polish players, take your places at the Sation starting line!

 AbbacaDazzle: Ta-da! You’ll go bonkers for this yummy sunflower yellow
 Cast a Spill on You: A bewitching cornflower blue with a pearl sheen will hypnotize you
 Chocolate Chip Resistant: A creamy cookie dough with a sugary glaze
 I’m so Ogre it: Reach for this sleek steely gray for those moody mani days
 Lollipop! Goes the Princess: Pucker up for this pale, pretty periwinkle
 Paint Some Sugar on Me: This sparkly blue-raspberry shade will give you a sugar rush
 Peppermint Pedi: Your nails will be in mint condition with this refreshing vermilion
 Plenty of Frogs: A toad-ally awesome grassy green with a kiss of shimmer
 Queenie in a Bottle: Blink blink blink for this royally rich pink!
 Super Nail-tural Powers: A potent indigo-grape will keep your players spellbound
 Unicorns are Teal: No one can clip your wings when wearing this mystical turquoise
 You’re My Lacquer Charm: Cross your fingers and flash this pop-rock pink for good luck!"

Mmmmmm, sounds yummy and fun...just like the game!! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

And just because I loved this manicure so much, I'm leaving you with a couple last pictures.

Sation Zoya Lynnderella Nail polish swatches

Zoya Sation Lynnderella Pink Snowy Manicure nail polish swatch

I'm wanting to ask you if you felt the need for a palette cleansing manicure after the holidays like I did?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sation I Love Yule Nail Polish & Christmas Holiday Nail Art Manicure

From the Sation Happy Holiday Go Lightly Collection, I have the luscious red nail polish I Love Yule to show you today. I Love Yule is a classic red - not blue toned, not orange - just a beautiful wearable red for everyone and applied as a one coat wonder.

Sation nail polish, I Love Yule Nail Polish

While swatching I Love Yule, my mind wandered to the holiday season and I was compelled to do an accent nail of Christmas/Yule/Holiday nail art. We had a Christmas concert this weekend and it just seemed appropriate!!

Sation I Love Yule nail polish, Christmas Holiday nail art

Yes, that's one coat only of I Love Yule. Red is the thinnest of the pigments so to find a red that covers completely in one coat is amazing. It applied smoothly and was a joy to use.

Sation I Love Yule Nail Polish Swatch, Christmas nail art, Holiday

The Christmas/Yule/Holiday tree was placed on a background of Snow White, pictured in the lower right hand portion of the following picture. I used all of these Sation nail polishes to create the nail art manicure.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Manicure nail art

Next I painted the form of the tree with a liner brush using the green you see pictured, Under The Miss-tletoe. It is another color from the Happy Holiday Go Lightly Collection.

Sation I Love Yule, nail polish, Christmas Holiday Nail art

When painting a picture, I would normally use other colors to create shadows and highlights. Using the green glitter polish that you see in the picture, Ego-Friendly, it created natural color changes due to the glitter colors. It also has micro holographic green glitters that make a nice accent on the Christmas tree.

Sation Ego-Friendly Glitter nail polish

Christmas Holiday nail art, nail polish, Sation glitter nail polish

The tree trunk is Sation I'm With The Bandana from the Nailstock Collection. On the very top of the tree, I used Sation Track Starlet. It's an incredible combination of glitters and I was able to place one of the holographic glitters right at the top, creating the illusion of a star.

Sation Track Starlet Glitter Nail Polish

And there you have it - a manicure of I Love Yule complete with an accent nail of a Christmas tree in the snow. It was FUN. I love to paint so doing stuff like this is really fun for me.

Sation I Love Yule nail polish, Holiday nail art, manicure, Christmas tree nails

All Sation nail polishes are Big 3 Free. They have a nice pro brush, making them easy to apply smoothly. You can find them on the Miss Professional nail website, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Winner's in Canada.

Now get out there and show me your holiday manicures!!!

(Four nail polishes pictured were provided by PR for the company. Two polishes were purchased by me. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

OPI Skyfall Bond Nail Polish Swatches and Nail Art!!

Somehow I thought that I'd already shown you my picks and swatches from the OPI Skyfall Collection. When I sat down to do some Bond, James Bond, nail art, I realized I hadn't done a post showing you which  nail polishes I'd chosen to purchase for myself. So today, I have my picks from the collection PLUS a little thing I'd like to call Bond nail art.

Skyfall, (the movie), lands in theaters on November 9, 2012, and I am super excited to see it. I've never been a big Bond fan, but the theme song is rolling around in my brain and the polishes are hovering over my nails, so I am all excited to go see it. But first, I want to show you my husband's favorite childhood toy.

Bond Aston Martin polarbelle

Oh yeah, it's James Bond's own Aston Martin. It has a shield in the back to reflect bombs and bullets and guns in the front that used to retract but don't anymore. This is a quality car...the kind they used to make in the era of Sean Connery's Bond.  It's made of metal with moving parts. And if you raise the lid and look inside, you find Agent 007, James Bond himself.

Polarbelle Bond Aston Martin

But we're not here for collectible cars, let's get onto the nail polish!! The following is a picture of what I purchased from the collection. From left to right, they are On Her Majesty's Secret Service, The World Is Not Enough, Golden Eye, Casino Royale, Die Another Day, The Spy Who Loved Me and You Only Live Twice.

Opi Bond Skyfall Nail Polish

The are pictured in the same order in the following swatch photos.

OPI, Bond Skyfall , Nail Polish, swatches

OPI, Bond Skyfall, Nail Polish, swatches

Opi,  Skyfall, Bond, Nail Polish, Swatches

OPI, Bond, Skyfall, Nail Polish, Swatches

I wanted to show you those swatches quickly since I had neglected to do so before this but I want to get into my James Bond Skyfall nail art manicure. Let me show you what I used. The polishes were OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service, OPI Golden Eye, Cult Nails Nevermore, and Butter London Matte Finish Topcoat. Not pictured is Seche Vite topcoat.

Cult Nails, Nevermore, Opi Skyfall, Nail Art, nail polish

I have to show you my nail art tools as well. These were an intricate part of what I did today. I used an artist's liner brush and an artist's stylus. I also made great use of the middle of my swatch wheel, using it as a painter's palette.

Nail Art Supplies

Nail Art

I dabbed some OPI Golden Eye in the middle of the palette and let it get a little bit thick. Using the liner brush, I painted the undersides of my nails. It took three slow and steady coats. I like to paint quickly, so it was a good exercise in patience. I did this just because it was something cool and different to do.

OPI Skyfall Bond Nail Polish Art

Next I used Gelous for a base coat for my nails and then applied two coats of OPI On Her Majesty's Secret Service. My idea was to have a tuxedo type of accent nail because Bond, James Bond, is always in a tuxedo, unless...well, unless he's not. So I used the Butter London top coat to mattify the ring finger nail and used Seche Vite as a top coat on the other nails.

Cult Nails Nevermore, (yes I have to say it again, the PERFECT black), is so shiny I knew it would make a great french tip to my mini tuxedo look. I again dabbed some Golden Eye on the palette and let it sticky up a little. Using my stylus, (dotter tool), I made some faux buttons.

OPI, Skyfall, Bond, Nail Polish, nail Art, swatches

It's not great nail art, but it was fun and it tickles me to have a Bond nail art manicure, even if I'm the only one that knows what it is. :) It makes me crave popcorn to go with my upcoming movie.

OPI, Skyfall, Bond , Nail Polish, nail Art, swatches

This is a great time for nail polish. The collections out now have stunning colors all across the board. So I have to ask you...are you looking forward to Skyfall? Or to the OPI Skyfall nail polishes? What are your picks?

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