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Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 2016 PopSUGAR Must Have Box Unboxing!!!! #MustHaveBox

The PopSUGAR Must Have Box for November is here!!!  I wanted to unbox it on YouTube but our internet provider has had severe outages for about a week.  We had the fixer dude over today and he wiggled some things, and put some boxes on some other things...but he was too late for me to upload, so we're doing it live here on my blog.  If you watch any of my social media channels, you probably already know that I'm going to say that you should subscribe.  Use the code SHOP5 and save $5 off your first month.  This makes a great gift to so many on your list!!!  They'll think of you all year as they open each monthly edition.  Well, let's take a look at November's box full of special items!!!

You'll notice the biggest item in the box is the AJs Goods handcrafted metal display bowl.   It is elegant in it's simplicity and is handmade in India!  The bowl will hold all your fruit, bread or gadgets and retails for $35 on

The snack this month is Toffee Butter Popcorn, ($2.99 at, and is gluten-free.  This all natural treat is the perfect comfort munchie in this fall month...or anytime, if you ask me. Here is all the nutrient and ingredient information.

A really cool little goodie included in the box is a set of Meri Meri star shaped party picks.  Oh gosh, if you're a blogger, you KNOW you're going to use these as fodder for the background of your pictures!!  It's like BOOM!  So much inspiration!!!  If you host holiday parties, you'll enjoy using these fun and sparkly picks.  You can purchase them for $8 at  Silver AND gold to match all your parties!

I can't wait any longer!!  I have to tell you about the Kendra Scott bracelet that's included this month.  Hello!?!?!  A KENDRA SCOTT BRACELET!!!!  You can find it for approximately $53 on  It's a delicate mother-of-pearl type shiny bauble in a rose-gold setting and chain that is adjusted to fit with a unique moveable bead on a chain like I've never seen before.

It's pretty and it's delicate, which I like.  I wear clunky bracelets too, but my wrist is small and I love to wear a bracelet like this alone or paired with others.  Do you see the middle bead there?

It's SO easy to slide the strands or the bead to wear you want it to adjust the length as you put it on and wear it.  I can do this one-handed.  Not so easy with other type closures.  And once you tighten it up, the dangly beaded ends of the bracelet are really pretty.


Ok, so now....that's right, there's even more!  For just $39 per month.  The value is unbelievable.  The next item is a Pehr chambray table runner in off-white and wine.  It retails for $44 at  You can find more beautiful Pehr table top couture on ShopStyle.  I want to show you the flat lay picture that was included in the PopSugar card that tells about the items.

I haven't opened the runner yet.  I'm debating using it as the base for a gift, although it does make for excellent flat lay pictures!!  We don't have a diningroom table, or any surface large enough for this...however, Instagram....hmmm...It's about 14" wide by 90" long.  It's pretty!

And finally, we have the cosmetic item from the box.  Yahoo!!  From Stowaway Cosmetics is the Dawn To Dusk eyeshadow palette.  Can you imagine a better palette to take with you on a vacay?  It retails for $25 on  It is a small palm-sized palette, slightly larger than a credit card, and contains everything you need for day or nighttime looks.

makeup, eyeshadow

Stowaway Cosmetics calls this "Right Sized Essentials", stating that these items are just the right size that you'll be able to carry and use up.  I like that idea!!!  I wish all shadow palettes were small so that I could actually use them up.

So there you have this month's box.  But wait!!!  As a bonus, there are three discount cards included.  Pehr, Kendra Scott, and Stowaway Cosmetics have all included cards with generous bonuses just in time for holiday shopping!!!  These codes alone would be worth the price of the subscription box, but no, there is SO MUCH MORE.  The November 2016 box has a retail value of approxmately $165, not including what you'll save with the coupons.

Are you loving these PopSugar Must Have monthly boxes?  I sure am.  Some of my favorite products of the year have come to me through PopSugar's Must Have boxes.  They're things I might not have purchased myself because I either didn't know about them or thought they were too expensive to treat myself.  The value each month is outstanding; far above the monthly fee.

You can sign up, either for yourself or someone else, at this link and be sure to use the SAVE5 code to save $5 off the first month's box.  You can follow PopSugar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  What about you?  Have you signed up yet?  Which item is your favorite?  I can't decide if I'm more in love with the bracelet, the bowl or the eyeshadow palette.  Let me know yours!!

** My thanks to PopSUGAR for this Must Have Box to try  **

Thursday, September 29, 2016

POPSUGAR Must Have Box For September 2016 Unboxing

The September PopSugar Must Have Box was provided free of charge to me in exchange for my honest opinion.  #Press Sample

Hi welcome back!!   And welcome back to me!  If you've seen my other social media in the past six weeks, you might remember I had a knee replacement surgery.  It was brutal for the first 5.5 weeks but I finally can move around enough and sit long enough to get some work done!!!   My inaugural post surgery welcome back post is a video on YouTube showing the Must Have Box for September.   Check it out!   It's one heck of a value!!!!!

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