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Thursday, September 29, 2016

POPSUGAR Must Have Box For September 2016 Unboxing

The September PopSugar Must Have Box was provided free of charge to me in exchange for my honest opinion.  #Press Sample

Hi welcome back!!   And welcome back to me!  If you've seen my other social media in the past six weeks, you might remember I had a knee replacement surgery.  It was brutal for the first 5.5 weeks but I finally can move around enough and sit long enough to get some work done!!!   My inaugural post surgery welcome back post is a video on YouTube showing the Must Have Box for September.   Check it out!   It's one heck of a value!!!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Disney Cinderella London Soho New York Cosmetic Bags and Orly Nail Polish Only At Walgreens.

Disney and Walgreens have collaborated for a large Cinderella collection just in time for holiday giving!!  I find it totally exciting.  I love Cinderella.  Be be sure to check out all the makeup offerings in my other Cinderella blog post.  This post is all about the cosmetic organizers and nail polish.

First let's talk about the makeup bags.  I LOVE these London Soho New York bags.  I've been collecting all the Disney variations from the beginning with the Snow White collection.  I love them so much and use them every day.  You may have seen my bag from the Disney Villans collection.  It holds my complexion gear...from primer to foundation to contour.  It's all in there.  

I received a super cute wristlet bag from the collection.  I'm going to use this one to hold my mascaras.  They're in about four different drawers right now.  It will be nice to have them all together.

The wristlet measures 8 in x .5 in x 5 in and has a silver strap.  It pictures Cinderella rushing to make her escape before her carriage turns to a pumpkin.  If you look closely, you can see that she's lost her glass slipper!!!

Run Cinderelly!!!!  Hurry!!!  The inside of the bag is as cute as the outside with the sillhouette of glass slippers and carriages.

These are adorable bags and highly collectible.  I confess, I have to go to Walgreens to get a couple more.  They are so handy!!!  I use them for everything and they always bring a smile to my face when I think of all the good times Disney has brought me.

I've got to show you my pictures from the rest of the collection in the store.  I've found out there is another wristlet but I don't have a picture of it.  It's a smaller version with the same picture as the train case, pictured below.

I am absolutely dying to see the print on the inside of the train case, ($11.99).  Each bag is such a unique and beautiful work of art.  And seeing the design on the inside is like an extra surprise for me.  I just love good art work.

The train case is 8.75" x 4" x 7", the same size as previous bags.  I use my earlier collection train cases for travel as well as for everyday use.  They've held up well and I can pack a ton in them and put them in my carry-on.

There is a 2 piece clutch set with the inner bag being inside a see through bag.  I can't tell you how many see through bags I've bought to put different sets of lip colors in them.  It's the only way I can keep my makeup straight!!  The outer bag measures 9" x 2.25" x 7.25".  The set retails for $9.99.

The final cosmetic bag in the set is called an Organizer bag, ($9.99).  It is also a good size, measuring 8" x 3.75" x 5.25".  I really think all of these bags would be handy, especially if your vanity space is really limited like mine is.  I'm dying of curiousity to know what's on the inside of these bags!!!

You've seen the Cinderella makeup collection, in my other post, now it's time to show you what Orly Nails has presented to us in the Cinderella nail polish collection.  I think every color is spot on Cinderella.  I love this collection!!

I'll show you the full sized Orly Color Blast nail polishes first, and just for the sake of post length, I've combined them into one picture.  There are three duos available, as well as three singles.  They are all the same size but the top row just looks smaller due to fitting more colors in the frame.

There are two mini four packs as well.

It's a great collection with very few repeats between the full size Color Blast and the minis.  I've picked up two colors so far.  The blue Cinderelly, Cinderelly! that has pink shimmer, and the champagne bronzey Stroke of Midnight.

The duo nature of Cinderelly, Cinderelly just captures her ballgown perfectly.  I have dreams of swishing around a dance floor in my fancy dress when I look at this polish.  It is the quintessential Cinderella color.  Thank you, Orly....I mean, Fairy Godmother!!!

That pink glow!!!!  I've been wearing this all week, without any chips.  It's held up as well as any Orly I've worn ever has.  I personally get outstanding wear with Orly.  Always.  The set of two full sized polishes retail for $10.99, and the mini 4-packs are $12.99.  I think I paid $6.99 each for the full sized.  I'll have to get back to you on that.

I think these items round out the Cinderella collection for Walgreens very well!  You can purchase the makeup bags online at Walgreens or in the store.   The Orly Cinderella Color Blast nail polishes are only available at your local Walgreens store.

Check out the Cinderella makeup collection and tell me what you think would be your favorite item between the three parts of the collection.  Let's have a little more many of the previous Disney Walgreens collaborations can you name?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nail Butter - The Cuticle and Hand Cream You Need To Know

Recently I was sent a sample of a product called Nail Butter, ($24), a cruelty-free, handmade in the USA, cuticle, nail and skin care cream.   I gave this product a full and thorough scientific investigation before I came to tell you what my opinion is.  I'll tell you straight out this will be in the running for my top cosmetic find of 2015, and probably my top nail product of the year.  I can't imagine finding anything better.

cuticle cream, hand, hands, nails, healing

Nail Butter arrives in a cute glass jar with a polka-dot lid.  It comes in two different scents, Gardenia and Lemongrass.  For review and testing, I chose the Lemongrass.  I'm so glad I did!!  I love anything citrus scented and the lemongrass practically smells like a pie.  I could just literally sniff the cream all day long.

It is a rich emollient consistancy so you only need a little to put on cuticles, hands, elbows or anywhere else that you might have dry skin.  A tiny bit is all that is needed as it goes a really long way awhile it melts and melds into the skin.

hand cream, cuticle, nails, fingernails, healing, skincare

It was during a heatwave of about 112 degrees that my tub arrived, so you can see just the tiniest bit of melt on the left side as it sat in my mailbox during the afternoon.  In no way has that affected the product efficacy.

I'm going to give you a quick run down of my analysis, with a little background.  I had been having trouble with my nails and cuticles for about six or seven months.  I'd literally tried everything I could find.  I was using a bunch of different kinds of lotion and cuticle removers.  My nails were breaking and shredding, which is pretty unusual for me.  I found out my thyroid was undermedicated, explaining a lot of the nail weakness.  However, once that was corrected, I was still having a horrible time with my nails.

We had moved during the winter and my skin just hates the water here.  A water softener made it worse so we ditched it.  Everytime I washed my hands, they got worse.  They looked like this just about a month ago:  (WARNING:  If you're used to pretty nail pictures, this could be horrifying).

It was pretty lousy for me.  I hadn't been able to paint my nails for four months.  The middle two kept breaking and no amount of maintenance could help my cuticles.  It was discouraging.  You can see on my middle finger where I had tried a nail color on my finger but the nails were in such sorry shape, that I just took it right off.

The first time I tried Nail Butter was overnight.  I could tell a difference when I woke up in the morning without all that crustiness.  (I'm sorry this is gross, but I just have to tell you how wonderful this product is.)   Five days later, my nails weren't chipping or peeling and I was able to actually do a manicure for the first time.  Totally thrilling for me!!

cuticle care, nails, fingernails, skincare. Zoya

My nails weren't perfect but they were a FAR CRY from where they'd been the previous six months.  My skin and hands suffered so much for so long!  Five days of Nail Butter made such a difference...I call that a miracle.

Ten days later, my two middle nails were GROWING...and healing and so was my skin.  I did another manicure.  Two in a row for the first time in at least six months!!!

cult nails, manicure, nailpolish, cuticle care, skincare

I was completely convinced that I need Nail Butter at all times by this point, but I really wanted to do a good investigation.  So I stopped.  And for a few days, I used my cuticle oils and hand creams again....and more often than I used the Nail Butter, (once a night).  I was quickly back to my sorry nail state.  I started up the Nail Butter again and healing began within 24 hours.   I know that Nail Butter is the only thing I've come across while living in this harsh water area that will soothe my nail beds.  It is a complete must have for me, any nail blogger and anyone with brittle nails or peeling skin.

Nail Butter contains all natural cruelty-free ingredients:  wool wax, (lanolin), beeswax, natural emulsifiers, (sodium borate, cetyl alcohol, oil of mustard, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil, and...something for the fragrance.  The jar says gardenia oil, but again, my scent is lemongrass, so something else is used.  What is does NOT contain are parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or frangrances.

You can purchase Nail Butter on their website for $24.  Be sure to sign up on the website and receive immediate discounts.  I've already purchased two backups to put in my fridge until I need them.  I just can't be without it.

You can also follow Nail Butter on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

So tell me, do you find it better with Butter?  I sure do!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome Zoya Nail Polish Bridgette and Odette!

I love the sweet pink and mauve tones of Zoya Bridgette and Odette nail polishes.  I think I'll put one on tomorrow.  Due to all the stupid medical stuff, I think it's been two months since I've done my nails.  Every time I sit down to do them, I break like two nails.  It's not fair!!!  Broke another today even.  I'm thinking God wants me to sport some shorties for awhile.

Zoya nail polish Bridgette Odette

via Instagram

Do you have any of the new Zoya Naturals Collection?  If so, which ones?

Monday, December 30, 2013

New Wet N Wild Mega Rocks Large Glitter Nail Polish

Look what I saw at Fred Meyer today. Here we have a new collection of Wet N Wild nail polishes with large glitters. Some are multi-colored. At my store they are $2.99 and there is a $1.00 off coupon attached so be sure the checkout person gets the coupon off.

Pictures of the ones I purchased will be included later. I'm sorry this picture is so fuzzy. The display was down on the bottom and I'm having knee trouble so I couldn't squat down to get a straight on picture. And I guess I didn't see how bad it is until it was blown up larger on the computer.

Wet N Wild, Mega Rocks, On The Rocks, glitter, nail polish

I'm not sure quite yet why I didn't get them all yet, (except that my husband was with me), but I loved the dual colors of glitter in the blue and the pink that is also in the purple.  They are all glorious!!  I may end up with all of them yet!!!

Have you spotted this collection in your area yet?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nail Trends From The Nordstrom Holiday Catalog

While I was perusing the new Nordstrom Holiday Catalog, I was particularly interested to see the nail styles that were used to showcase the products for sale.

I always love a good french nail.  The one pictured is particularly interesting as it features what looks to be a matte burgundy nail with a shiny stripe acoss the top.  I call this a Tuxedo nail sometimes; I suppose due to the matte black nail with a shiny tuxedo stripe across the top that has been all over Pinterest for about a year.

Next is a glittery waterfall tip.  Love this!!!  These waterfalls are done over a nude or perhaps naked nail.  And third is the pink nail with the golden line where a french tip would start.  Recently at a couple of weddings, my friends did the typical white french nail and added a silver stripe underneath the white tip.  I love this golden line over the pink that is shown below.
nail art, Nordstrom, holiday catalog
via Instagram

Now, I also found plenty of items that would fulfill my little heart's desires in the catalog, but I just thought these nails were too cool not to post.

Which design is your favorite?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fight Like A Girl!!! Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art Manicure

It's October!!!  I have a manicure featuring some nail art that is an homage to the monthly theme of breast cancer awareness and the call to Fight Like A Girl - Fight To Win!!!

But first, I want to tell you about my friend Becky. Becky is everything...a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, a grandma, a sister, a singer, a mentor and more. I decided to honor Becky today because this manicure reminds me of her somewhat. It grabs your attention on the edges and is delicately soft on the inside. Becky was afflicted with breast cancer and she hit it head on. Her battle wasn't easy. There were definite ups and downs, and sometimes it was really really scary. The disease runs in her family all down the female line but that didn't discourage Becky from doing everything she could to beat it. She has an amazing testimony and once she got to the other side, Becky decided to go back to school and become a nurse to be able to give back and help others who face such scary physical afflictions. She's an inspiration.

Let me show you the nail polishes I used today. They are, from left to right, Cocoche Blueberry, Opi Nikki Minaj Pink Friday, Essie Raise Awareness and Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above.

4 Nail Polishes to Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer Awareness, Nail Art, manicure

I wanted to do an accent nail on the ring finger, so I used three coats of Essie Raise Awareness, part of the selection of BCA nail polishes from last year. I'm not sure if this one is part of this year's collection or not. I've seen the display and fondled most of them, but haven't checked the actual color names. The other three fingers and thumb have two coats of OPI Pink Friday.

Fight Like A Gir,l Breast Cancer, Manicure, Nail Polish, nail art

On the accent nail, I used the Cocoche Blueberry and a 5/0 nylon art brush with a 1/4" tip to draw a ribbon. I attached a nail jewel where the ribbon crosses. The tips of the other finger and thumb have two coats of the sparkling Essie A Cut Above.

Here's all the items together that I used for this nail art manicure.

Fight Like A Girl,  Breast Cancer Awareness, supplies, nail art,  Nail Polishes

You see that pink stick looking thing on the bottom right? That's a nifty item I found at Sally's that is really useful for picking up the crystal stones and sticks them right where you want them. Pick up a stone and put it down on top of a coat of topcoat. Once that dries, put another top coat over that. It really is So Easy, lol.

Fight Like A Gir,l Breast Cancer Manicure, nail art, pink

And there ya go, today's nail art manicure. Stay tuned for the Thirty Days Of Awareness blogger blog hop. The icon will be added later today. Thanks!!

Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer, Nail Polish, nail Art

Please visit the attached links on the blogger BCA Blog Hop for 30 Days of Pink.

Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer, Nail Art, nail polish, BCA manicure

So my nails are getting so long I can't hardly type on my ipad. I'm thinking it's time to cut, but I usually end up too short. LOL!!! What do you do when your nails get too long?

(The Cocoche nail polish was supplied by PR. Everything else paid for with my husband's hard earned cash.)

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