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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rock That Purple and Pink Hair Like You Just Don't Care!!

Thanksgiving with new hair thanks to Jen at Vavoom Hair Studio in Anchorage.

Rocksbox, Elumin, Vavoom Hair Studio, Anchorage, Alaska pink hair, purple hair

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And, the shorter gold chain?  That's from my Rocksbox subscription!  Cute!  And affordable. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Exciting New Nail Collections to View

My friends, we've seen and heard some wonderful nail polish rumblings throughout the internet announcing new spring collections. If you're a nail lacquer lover, I'd like to show you what kind of things to look forward to in the VERY near future; some even releasing this month. I don't have press releases on all these things yet, but I wanted you to see some things I spied with surfing the internet.
Over at Body and Soul, we have some pictures of a spring Butter London release.  Click on her Home link and you'll find pictures of China Glaze Magnetic Collection and the newest issue from Color Club.  You can see in the Color Club release, especially, that lavendar and all shades of purple are big for spring.  I'm seeing these colors everywhere in spring collections of all kinds. 
Check out what Dior has in store as seen over on Blushing Noir.  Dior released the fabulous quint pictured here as well as a nail lacquer called Forget-Me-Not, (hello Alaskan state flower!), which I have purchased and will be bringing you soon.  Dusty light purple.  Big in the spring color themes, no?
You will find more fabulous purples and, on another current trend...Flakie polishes in the latest release from Zoya as pictured on Scrangie and just about every other blog on the net, it seems.  I have the latest set of five flakey polishes from Fingerpaints to show you and check out these from Hits on The Polish-a-holic.  Love me some flakies!!!
There's a lot to look forward to in nail polish collections this spring and the major themes that I see emerging and all shades of lavender to purple, Flakies and magnetics.  Nail art is becoming a fascinating industry.  Do you agree?  What are the collections you've seen releases of or heard of that you're looking forward to most?  Do any of these trends interest you?  I'd LOVE to hear your opinions on what's coming up.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lancome Color Design All-In-One 5 Shadow Palette Amethyst Glam

Lancome recently introduced Eye Brightening Color Design 5 shadow palettes in a variety of colors. I have for you today the palette titled Amethyst Glam.

They call these All-In-One because you get an allover base shade, a lid shade, crease shade, highlighter and a liner shade. You can do a variety of looks with these palettes. Inside the palette is a plastic overlay that labels the colors and how Lancome intends you to start using them.

Inside the box is an extended fold out instructional pamphlet that gives you an idea for a day look with the palette and then on the other side directions for an evening type of design. And if you lose your plastic insert, on the back of the pamphlet is the numbers that correspond to the shades.

The Lancome website also has extensive directions if you lose both and want to see their instruction on how to use the palette. Of course, this is all guidelines and you can use any of the colors the way you wish.

Did I hear you say you wanted to see real life swatches? Well, here ya go!

These shadows are very silky in application and I find they wear all day without creasing. I'm pretty impressed with the quality and plan to pick up a couple other palettes. So far, I have this one and Coral Crush and will be reviewing that very soon.

I love what Dior Aurora does to my cheeks. It just makes them glow, so here we go:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of My Favorite Things...A Purple Coach Poppy

Being a very pretty purple with gold accents, I get a lot of compliments on this Coach Poppy bag. It's my favorite. It just makes me happy each time we reunite.

You can see that I have someone already hoping for a hand-me-down. So's not gonna happen!

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