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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Algenist Friends And Family Sale!!!!! Save 30%!

I'm on my way to bed but I have to quickly tell you that Algenist is offering a Friends and Family discount of 30% off on their website!!!!  Use the code FF30 at 

Everything I've tried from Algenist is good.  That's the honest truth.  I make no commissions to share this with you.  I have to tell you right away because the offer expires October 23.  

Try the eye renewal balm, or the firming and lifting eye gel.  I use both together.   Also floating my boat are the Pore Correcting Comcentrate, the moisturizers, the SPF fluid, the Triple Action Micropolish and Peel, the exfoliator, the Pore Corrector Primer AND the latest item I've tried...the Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil.  This is doing something miraculous for my skin that I'll tell you about soon. 

I truly believe you can't go wrong with any Algenist products and this is a higher percentage savings than you'll see anywhere else.  Head on over to and find the items that are right for you.  They always have great trial and travel size combinations, too.  

If I can answer any questions you might have, please ask.  I'm completely sold on the progress I've seen with these products!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Are You Ready To Try Own Products Skin Care?

I want to give you an introduction to a skin care line that I'll be trying soon by Own Products, makers of a variety of skin care products.  The Renewing collection is the line I'll be trying.

Own Skin Care

From their website: "Through our innovative formulations, Own Anti-Aging products are clinically proven to enhance collagen levels, strengthen the skin barrier to retain more moisture and, most importantly, increase the skin’s metabolism to produce newer skin cells for softer, smoother, and genuinely younger-looking healthy skin."

This is an introductory post but before we go, I want to tell you about their app that you may want to try.  It's free and it's pretty cool.   Check it out at this link.  Seriously cool.  You can take a photo and it analyzes your particular skin needs and the My Own app builds some recommendations for you.  It even tracks your progress as you continued to take pictures every thirty days.

Isn't that a great idea?  Visit their website, and see the results page especially, and you can follow them on facebook, and on Twitter.

(Products in the picture were provided by PR.)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

5 Causes of Eye Wrinkles That You Should Never Ignore

Please enjoy this guest post I have for you today while I scurry to arrange some posts for you after my vacation to the great state of Tennessee.  I'd never been there before.  It was beautiful and the people even more so.  And, on with the show:

Have you ever stopped to think about what really causes those eye wrinkles below and around your eyes? Have you ever thought that maybe they are things that we should not ignore and pay more attention to? Eye wrinkles come in two different types. There are those wrinkles under your eyes and the ones around the eyes that you have probably heard - they're called crow's feet. Wrinkles happen for a lot of reasons, but you need to be aware of what may be causing this to change the pattern. Then you can help prevent them! Here are 5 causes you should never ignore.

1. Sunlight – Sunlight is the most destructive element to our skin and eyes. It’s not totally avoidable of course, but using a sun block is going to minimize wrinkles and help to stop any damage already done from getting any worse. Most young people today love to tan and stay out in the sun and don’t think about using sunscreen around the eyes, but this is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your skin for your whole life. What's more, sunscreen can be applied at any age. If you have children, start them young with sunscreen around the eyes. They may not develop as many eye wrinkles as we have today, and will have you to thank. Furthermore, the bright sun makes you squint, and this of course leads to wrinkles. Naturally, wearing sunglasses when in the sun will help as well.

2. Hydration – If your skin is not hydrated well enough, it will develop wrinkles. Along with being sure you drink plenty of fluid, especially water, it would be wise to use some type of wrinkle cream. Buy one that contains antioxidants, and start at a very young age. It is never too late to get a jump start on those wrinkles.

3. Stress – Stress is a major contributing to wrinkles. The stress you have can be caused by lack of sleep, a hectic lifestyle, a strained relationship, smoking and more. To your skin and eyes, it's all the same. If you can work on reducing the stress in your life, you can help decrease wrinkles and likely help yourself out in a plethora of other ways too.

4. Diet – What you eat and drink plays a big part in the wrinkles around your eyes. Too much sugar is not only unhealthy for the body, it causes (you guessed it) wrinkles. This is because excess sugar is going to damage collagen, which makes your skin more elastic, So, slow down on the sugar or try to eliminate sugars altogether. Also, fruits and vegetables provide a lot of antioxidants the body needs to keep your skin in peak condition. Always opt for natural foods rather than processed items, and this will help your physique too (so you can avoid stretch marks).

5. Aging - This is obviously the hardest cause of eye wrinkles to avoid. But, you can still do something about it - eye cream. A good eye cream can help maintain the firmness of your skin well into old age. MAC has a great line that I ALWAYS use.

Eye wrinkles are not just from aging. To reduce and even eliminate wrinkles, take care of your face and eyes while you are young. If you did not do so in your youth, there are still things you can do to help yourself - hopefully these tips help you!

Rhonda Jorgins writes about beauty, finance & saving money at

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