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Monday, December 31, 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills Kisses On My List Volume 2 Lipgloss Set Swatches & Review

Anastasia Kisses On My List Lipgloss set, hydrafull lipgloss

Volume 2 of the Anastasia Kisses On My List Hydrafull lipgloss set is an absolute winner!! These glosses quickly became my favorite from the very first try. I've carried 2 or 3 with me every day since I received them.

Included in the set of six Hydrafull lipglosses are three Hypercolor glosses. Hypercolor means that the pigment reacts to your own body chemistry and creates a unique color for you. All three of the pink glosses are the Hypercolor formulation. From left to right, the colors are Moi, Maggie Mae, Sharonna, Jolene, Roxanne and Lola.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss,hyperfull

They are pictured in the same order in the swatch photo below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, hyperfull

I want to tell you a little bit about them before I tell you why I love these glosses so much. When I pulled the wand out of the first tube, I thought it was your average doefoot applicator until I used it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Hyperfull Lipgloss, swatches

The applicator felt a little different in applying the glosses, which have a basic consistency of any Mac lipgloss, tho not quite as sticky. I wasn't sure at first what the difference was, so I took a good look at the wand. It's a silicon paddle shaped applicator!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches

At first, I wasn't sure I could manipulate this on my lips, but I really found it to apply the glosses well. I think I was initially thrown by the applicator being different but different doesn't mean bad. I've learned something!!

Here is Maggie Mae, which is in the running for my top personal favorite gloss from this set. I love love love the nude colors the most but the pinks also look great, I just have to be a little more careful applying them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

I find these glosses to be very moisturizing. They wear well and have great shine. They're pretty much perfect with everything. The theme of the collection is a nod to 1970's rock so you'll find yourself humming the accompanying theme song with each lipgloss you use. Well, I do anyway...



I can't show you a picture of Sharonna since I didn't realize I didn't take one until I started writing up this post. And I can't take one now because this is a limited edition set and I want you to hurry and purchase this before it sells out!!! Instead, I want to show you the back of the box. Noteworthy all on it's own, it gives you a feel for the statement of the glosses. (m-m-m-m-my-yi-yi-yi-yi Woo!! just happens!)


The Hypercolor lipglosses were a surprise to me. They self-adjust to your own body chemistry so that the color you see in the tube isn't necessarily the exact same that your lips will display. After about five minutes, they deepen a bit, too, and leave a nice flush of color on your lips.

Swatches of Roxanne, (only one of the best songs ever, also a wonderful lipgloss).

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Roxanne, Hydrafull lipgloss

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeene....

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene Lipgloss, hydrafull,  swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene, Hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches

And L-o-l-a Lola!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lola, hydrafull,Lipgloss, swatches

The full set of six lipglosses retails for $30...just $5 a gloss!!! You can purchase them, if you hurry, at Nordstrom, Anastasia's own website, Sephora, Dillard's and other fine department stores.  It's important to note that Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty-free company.

I love this set.  Go get them while you can!!  I want to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  One thing I'm excited about for this year is I'm finishing up Invisalign this week and will get those danged buttons removed from my teeth...finally!!!  No more funky lip swatches!!  What are you looking forward to in 2013?

(The lipgloss set was provided by PR for evaluation.  This in no way influences my opinion of them; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see my Disclosure policies for more information.)

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sation Under The Miss-tletoe & Holiday GoLightly Nail Polish Swatches and Review

The Sation Holiday Go Lightly collection features six great nail polishes, some of which I've featured previously in blog posts HERE and with some holiday nail art HERE.  The final two colors I have from this collection are going to be featured today.  If you have some after Christmas money that you want to spend, consider picking up these nail lacquers. Both colors are gorgeous and will be a great addition to your nail polish collection.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly,

On the left, is Under The Miss-tletoe, a perfect evergreen with tone on tone matching shimmer. On the right is Holiday Golightly, a light aqua sky with the gentlest of light shimmers inside. Holiday Golightly is a delicious surprise and a most delicate nail polish.

Sation Nail Polish

A very close up shot of the Under The Miss-tletoe nail polish bottle shows the green shimmers lying in the perfect evergreen nail polish.


In the swatch shots, my camera wanted to pull the color more to the blue side of green than it should be, but with a little bit of editing, the swatch photos are as close to accurate as I can get them. It's that beautiful micro-shimmer within the polish that really makes it come alive and differ from your average pine green nail lacquer. This truly is the perfect evergreen polish.

Sation Nail Polish, Under the Mistletoe nail polish, swatch

I used two coats of Under The Miss-tletoe and a coat of Seche Vite, which caused some shrinkage of the polish at the tips.

Sation_Under_The_Miss-tletoe_Swatch_2, nail polish, nail art

I saved this color and Holiday Golightly for the last report of this collection because I want to show you how absolutely perfect they are for Christmas time, particularly if you fancy a northern white Christmas. The next picture is taken in the afternoon on Christmas Day. We were having a beautiful Christmas snow falling, which you can't see in the picture, but notice the colors of the tree, the snow and the sky. The scene absolutely mirrors Sation Under The Miss-tletoe and Holiday Golightly.

Christmas Day 2012, Anchorage, Alaska

Holiday Golightly is the perfect match to a winter day's snow outside at my house. It's the light blue color with a kiss of frost inside. The shimmer mirrors the polish color and flashes an icy white in some lights with the camera lens. It's not silver tho, it's just one of those things with color that a camera sometimes does where you see it look like it might be silver.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly, swatch

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish, swatch

I like to describe this nail polish as delicate as it has almost a lacy type of feel with the lightness of color and the light shimmer. It is SO beautiful!! It was such a surprise to me. You can't tell off a website that it was going to have such personality and be so ladylike in it's appeal. I just really love it. I couldn't get enough of looking at it. It's almost to the point where I feel like I could wear this one polish all winter long and it would be perfect.

I anticipated the question I thought most people would it a dupe of China Glaze For Audrey? So I took some pictures to show you the difference.


On a swatch wheel, I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the left and China Glaze For Audrey on the right.


Pictures will do a more adequate job of showing you the differences than I think my words can. Simply put, For Audrey is a simple creme formula and Holiday Golightly is the sky aqua color with microshimmers. It is the color of winter snow with a kiss of frost. At least way up north in the dead of winter, our snow has an aqua tint.

I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the middle and pinky fingers and China Glaze For Audrey on the ring finger. (My Seche Vite globbed at the base of my middle finger, ugh, giving it that really great lopsided cuticle look. :/)




Again, the shimmer is a delicate tone on tone that runs more to white than it does silver. The camera often reads a shimmer particle as silver no matter what color it is, but there is NO silver in this nail polish.



Delicate. Lacy. Seriously, you just have to experience it!


All Sation nail polishes are Big 3 Free. They have a nice pro brush, making them easy to apply smoothly. You can find them on the Miss Professional nail website, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Winner's in Canada.

(Both nail polishes pictured were provided by PR for the company, which in no way shapes or forms my opinion. All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mac Glamour Daze Stolen Moment, Round Midnight Swatches, Review and Pictures

Today I am going to bring you some of the Mac Glamour Daze eye shadows to look at. We're going to look at Stolen Moment, Round Midnight and take a swift glance at Ready To Party. I also purchased Stylishly Merry and Evening Grey and when I've posted those, I'll provide the link in this post. So, onto the eye shadows, shall we?

The Mac Glamour Daze Extra Dimension eye shadows are described this way on the Mac Cosmetics website: A liquid-powder Eye Shadow with prismatic reflections in eight shimmering tints. Impact ranges from sheer crystallized light to a highly polished metallic effect. Lasts up to 6 hours. Limited-edition Glamour Daze packaging

Doesn't that sound enticing? They are $19.50 for 1.3 grams of product or .04 oz. It's a hefty price tag. The pot is the same size as a regular sized Mac eye shadow. And they have "special packaging" which is basically just a shiny version of the regular Mac shadow pot.

Let's start with Stolen Moment.

Mac, Stolen Moment, eyeshadow, Glamour Daze collection

This is a fabulous warm taupe shadow with a silvery shimmer that shows up particularly when you use the shadow wet. In the swatches, you'll see it swatched dry on the left and wet on the right. Notice how much more intense the color is when used with a little dampness.

Mac, Stolen Moment, eyeshadow, swatches,Glamour Daze

Mac, Stolen Moment, eyeshadow, swatches, Glamour Daze

The Extra Dimension eye shadows apply with such smoothness, being some kind of fascinating hybrid of liquid and shadow. They blend easily and give a nice little glow to the eye. The look and application of these shadows are really similar to the Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee' eye shadows as well as the Sephora Prisma Chrome shadows they released in the spring and quickly retired.  They're fascinating just to look at!!

Round Midnight is a delicious brown with plum shine. It's a chameleon leaning to purple or more to brown depending on what you pair it with.

Mac eyeshadow, Round Midnight, Glamour Daze

Again swatched dry on the left and wet on the right.  The plumminess is more evident in the wet swatch as you can see it shining in the shadow.

Mac eyeshadow, Round Midnight, Glamour Daze, swatches

Here are some swatches to compare the two colors. Round Midnight is on the left and the dry and wet swatches of Stolen Moment are on the right.

Mac eyeshadow, Round Midnight, Stolen Moment, swatches

I put the two shadows to use along with Ready To Party, which I'm going to review fully in another post. I used just a little Ready To Party at the inner most part of the eye for shine.

Mac Eyeshadow, Ready To Party

Mac eyeshadows, Glamour Daze, Stolen Moment, Round Midnight

In the next pictures, you can see that using Round Midnight at the outer edge and as a liner over Stolen Moment makes it lean more to brown and less toward plum.

Mac Glamour Daze eyeshadows

Mac Glamour Daze eyeshadow swatches

Mac Glamour Daze eyeshadows

The next picture kind of outlays the shadow placement for you.

Mac Glamour Daze eyeshadows, stolen moment, round midnight, eyeshadows

My little ol' eyeball of the day...I got a lot of compliments with this combination. I'll definitely wear them this way again.

Mac Glamour Daze, Round Midnight, Stolen Moment, eyeshadows

Mac declares that these shadows wear for six hours. That's not going to get you through a whole day of work if it's true so choose your shadow base wisely. I found that at the six hour mark, I did have just the tiniest bit of creasing starting. I honestly expect a longer wear time for a nearly $20 eye shadow.   Considering that these are a liquid-shadow hybrid, I guess that's pretty good.

These shadows are selling out at many locations. Check your local counters at Nordstrom, Macy's, Dillard's, Belk and wherever else Mac may be sold.

Be sure to view my other Glamour Daze shadows at the following link when it goes live on 11/13/12.

Did you purchase any of the Glamour Days Extra Dimension eye shadows?  How do you like them?

(This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see disclosure for more information.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows Summer 2012 Target Exclusives

Maybelline teamed with Target this summer to release four exclusive Color Tattoo 24 hour eyeshadow shades.  These are a cream/gel type of eyeshadow that can be used alone as color or as a base for other eyeshadow.  The four shades released for Summer 2012 are Test My Teal, Fuchsia Fever, Blue On By and Ready, Set, Green.  They are pictured in that order from the top left clockwise to the bottom left.


I can't say I've ever tested the 24 hour theory, but worn for 12 to 16 hours, I've found them to be comfortable, without creasing, flaking or fading, and a superb formula among potted and cream shadows.  Maybelline makes all kinds of cosmetics that are rich with pigmented color and these are another example.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, Target Exclusive

I prefer the Color Tattoo eyeshadows to Mac paint pots in that I find the paint pots to be a bit drying and let's face it, these are such a great value in comparison for a comparable product. I find them easier to work with and especially when it comes to blending colors together or a powder eyeshadow on top. They're just a bit creamier allowing for artistic variation to occur. Apply with a brush or use your finger; they'll have delicious color either way.

So let's look at the swatches. From left to right are Test My Teal, Fuchsia Fever, Ready, Set Green, and Blue On By.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow, swatches, Target Exclusive

And in the glass pot container, we have Test My Teal:

Maybelline Test My Teal Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Fuchsia Fever:

Maybelline Fuchsia Fever Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

Ready, Set, Green:

Maybelline Ready Set Green Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

And last, but not least, Blue On By:

Maybelline Blue On By Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

These are beautiful bold colors that I was really excited to see. We only have two Targets in my town, so it wasn't easy to find them. Fuchsia Fever was the first to sell out where I live. You can usually find Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr Eyeshadows for about $6.99 MSRP. You can also purchase the non-limited edition colors on the Maybelline website, (link provided for your convenience).

It's no secret I'm a Maybelline lover, so I'm really enjoying these and the nudes that came out for fall 2012. How about you? Have you dipped into the Color Tattoos?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nicka K NY Nail Polishes - 4 Colors Perfect For The Holiday Season

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the riotous time we bloggers had at the Nicka K NY booth at Cosmoprof 2012?  We were introduced to so many products; one of which was their nail polish.  Today I have four polishes which represent their Holiday Collection.  So let's take a look!


The nail polishes have the most awesome bottle shape. I love it!! I want to rub every bottle and see if a genie pops out. The colors have a number on the bottom of the bottles and when I checked on the Nicka K NY website, I found a corresponding color name. So I am going to give you both the numbers and names for your reference. In the above picture, from left to right, are NY 127 Velvet Green, NY 124 Sparkly Sand, NY 116 Red Hot, and NY 120 Silver Star. They are not quite in the same order on the swatch wheel below but the colors are more accurate than the bottle shots.


Oh, I guess I'll show you the swatches in the same order as the wheel because I get easily distracted and it'll keep me on track, lol. NY 127 Velvet Green is the perfect holiday green. It leans just slightly teal. When you look at the bottle, there is teal all around the outside and luscious green in the middle.


The application was good with full coverage in two coats. My first coat was a little streaky but it evened out with the second coat. There is no top coat in the Velvet Green pictures. See the teal blue around the bottom and outside of the bottle?


NY 120 Silver Star is a different type of silver than we're used to seeing. It has almost a brushed nickel finish. It's shines but isn't shiny. It's not foiled or frosty but isn't quite matte, either. It's really more of a brushed metal look. The color of the silver, if you over analyze color like I do, seems to have a faint hint of taupe and a faint hint of purple. You can see the slight taupeiness in the bottle pictures. It's not the standard aluminum foil type of silver.


It streaked a little on the first coat but straightened itself out in the second coat. I have a coat of Seche Vite over the top in the following picture. I decided to wear it around town for a couple of days and when I'm out, I always use the protection of a top coat.


The third color is my favorite of the group, NY 116 Red Hot. This nail polish was flawless. I think I could have closed my eyes and it would apply itself perfectly. It is the most delicious classic red nail polish I've ever had in my possession.


In these photos, you see two coats and no top coat. Doesn't it have the most beautiful shiny finish?


Last but by no means least is NY 124 Sparkly Sand. What a great name for this polish! It has all kinds of different colors of gold in it and quite resembles the multiple colors you'd see in the sand on a beach. It applies like a dream. When I first opened it, I didn't know if it would be a topcoat or more of a full opaque glitter. I was pleasantly surprised to find it opaque and giving complete coverage in just two coats. And honestly, I think you could get away with just one coat, if you wanted. There wasn't a lot of difference between one and two coats. The first picture is without a top coat. It is only mildly bumpy considering it is PACKED with glitter.


I put a coat of Seche Vite over the top to see if it changed the shine and sparkle and was kind of surprised that it really didn't. You could get all the shine you want without the top coat, but a little more smoothness to the nail with it.


I'm really impressed with the quality of Nicka K NY nail polishes. You can purchase them on their website at the link provided for just $3.99. These are four great nail polishes for Holiday or any day, don't you think?

(The nail polishes pictured were provided by PR for my consideration. All opinions and observations stated are my own honest opinion. Please see Disclosure for more information.)

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