Friday, February 18, 2011

I was Naked with Deborah Lippmann in Review

Naked is the look of the season. for eyes, we have Urban Decay's Naked Palette and the newest introduction to nail polish is Naked by nail artist Deborah Lippmann. This is a fabulous color. It starts off with a coverage that is not quite sheer but not opaque and full, either. At the second coat, you find a delicious Naked color forming. With this polish, two coats are enough but you may find a slight hint of visible nail line depending on how you've applied it. Because I applied the polish at night, in a room that was not well lit, I decided to put a third coat, just to be sure the coverage was what I wanted. What you see in the photo is three coats, but I would have been fine with two.

The polish is deliciously shiny on it's own, but I did apply a coat of Seche Vita, (my first time using it!), over the top. It really does dry quickly!! I purchased this polish at Nordstrom, but it can be found wherever Deborah Lippmann polishes are carried, such as her own website and I think this polish looks great on my NW20-25 skin, and will look equally as well when I have the opportunity to get a bit of a tan.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OPI Houston We Have A Purple Sorbet Nails

From the beginning of the OPI announcements regarding the Texas Collection, I had Houston We Have A Purple on my list. Maybe because I studied physics in college and I wanted to go work at NASA, maybe because I like pinky-purpley colors, I don't really know, but this is my manicure with this polish. My pictures show some shadowing that make it look like I didn't clean up the manicure, but I promise you, I did.

The polish applied like a dream. I has a lovely shine to it. It would have been ok with two coats, but I applied three for a little stronger coverage. I found that the color was very difficult to photo graph accurately, it comes out redder in photos than it really is. It's more of a slightly reddened raspberry than an actual purple. I am wearing China Glaze for a top coat.

I find this particular color is wearing very well. I applied the polish four days ago and have very minimal wear, like none, which is a miracle because I got new Invisalign trays Wednesday and they are very tight, so it takes a lot of prying with forefingers and middle fingers on both hands. Two thumbs up for this new sorbet finish polish from OPI.

My Valentine to my Husband. You Know You Wanna See It

And then ....

The inside .....

We thought it was funny

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mac Wonder Woman Pink Power MSF...My Preeeeciousssss...

It happened. I wore my MSF immune suit when I went to Nordstrom to see the rest of the Wonder Woman collection that I hadn't already ordered. I felt confident that I would turn my nose up at the gargantuan sized MSFs of this collection. Rediculous, they are, my inner Yoda told me. And how does a pancake sized powder travel? Yes, I sprayed myself with MSF repellant.

I saw Pink Power. I picked it up.

As it turns out, Pink Power MSF is the kryptonite to my anti-msf wearing suit. I applied it to my face, using the bronzer as such, the pink on the apples as blush, and the light color as a highlight. And it happened. I heard the angels sing. My knees were weak as I realized how closely I had come to missing this work of wonder.

All I have right now is a bad hand swatch cuz I forgot to take a picture of it on my face, but trust me, I was glorious. :) Click to uber-size the swatch.


If this product interests you at all, you can find it online at Nordstrom. Mac online sold out shortly after they launched it, but I imagine other places like Macys and Dillards will have it online, too. My counter only got six in, so how I beat the cosmetics workers on the floor to this product, I'll never know.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Play Where's Wonder Woman!!

Ok, these are the rules...guess which one is a Wonder Woman lipglass and guess which one is a toe. The toe has no polish to make the game a little more challenging. Ready....go!

Final Review of Chanel Ombre Perlees de Chanel Palette and a Surprise!

Remember this gorgeous palette, the buzz of late December and early January:

I have tried this palette every which way but loose. Applied over many different bases, used wet, used over other powder shadows, applied with brushes or with name it, I've tried it.

Check the glorious pearly colors swatched on my arm:

And here comes the big surprise! Check it out packed on my eyelid:

Where's the color? I know, right? I swear I tried everything and I could get no color out of this quint, except for the green, which was to die for. The luscious violet was grey, hello GREY, on my lids. Color me disappointed. The light peach was kinda a light pink on my lids, kinda. The highlight color...well, I have others that actually highlight.

Don't get me wrong, this works for so many people with fabulous pearly results, I just wasn't one of them. And I love, love, love the rest of the after Christmas pearly color story because I bought it all, but sadly, I just couldn't work the star pupil of the class.

China Glaze Tronica Nail Polish Techno Teal and a Coach Poppy

I had to check out a China Glaze Tronica polish when changing my manicure. I decided to match one to one of my favorite Coach Poppy bags. Tough choice as all the polishes match that particular bag. :)))) At any rate, chose Techno Teal for my first Tronica nail "do".

This polish applies well, being somewhat thick, you could probably get away with one coat. I did two. There is no topcoat applied in these pictures. This is a new kind of holographic look in that I think you have to have direct sun or a flashlight to show the true holo look. My clouds tell me there won't be sun for at least two days but I did see holo with a flashlight. There is no holo without. I will probably put something else over it today or change it to something a little more flashy which, happily, will still match my Coach Poppy!!!

I have taken some pictures in the ambient light from the window. And I apologize for not cleaning it up totally, but I've decided that I'm not finished with the manicure yet.

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