Monday, September 30, 2013

Grumpy While Healing; But It Won't Last Much Longer Till Blogging Returns

Last week, I had knee surgery. This happened while I am still wearing the neck brace and going thru physical therapy after my neck fusion. I'll be checking in with the neck surgeon in a couple of weeks to see if the bone growth is where it is supposed to be.

In the meantime, my knee took a nose dive, which I assumed was from the workouts I did while getting ready for the neck surgery. Since I was still in the neck brace, the anesthesiologist chose to do a spinal block instead of putting a tube down my throat to put me under. I agreed with that assessment as my head can't go backward. I thought it would be interesting anyway, but boring to wait for the numbness of my lower half to wear off.

So as I am in the operating room, they put propophal in the IV, which is supposed to put me out. It didn't. It did, however, burn like heck. IT BURRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNS!!!! The anesthesiologist asked if I'd like more and I said oh, heck no. That stuff burns like crazy. I'd rather be awake for the surgery but I asked him if, since I was awake, I could watch the surgery. So they turned the monitor toward me and I watched. My surgeon thought I wouldn't remember. I wonder if all the surgeries I've had have just started making me more resistant to these kinds of drugs. I don't know.

But what I do know is that I could follow what was going on a lot better than when he brings in the pictures afterward that are really hard to tell what is what. It's been a hard week. It was far more painful than I thought it would be with a lot more swelling. I started PT for the knee last Friday, just a few days after surgery. And I have my first check-up tomorrow, which will be interesting.

All that to say that I thought I'd be catching up on my blog this week with all the time I've missed sleeping and resting, trying to heal from the neck surgery, but I really couldn't function during the week. Monday and Tuesday I have many appointments with surgeons and physical therapy and I imagine I'll be sore and exhausted but I'm really hoping that this week, I can get to blogging!! I'm way behind. I have great products that I found at Cosmoprof North America that I haven't even told you about yet. I'm so sorry for the huge lag this year, but I hope to be back soon. In the meantime, if you follow me on INSTAGRAM, I have a lot of moments that I share, as well as products and product previews.

So...join me there until we get back up and rolling here....which I hope is later this week!!  In the meantime, this video cheered me up.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's Talk Nail Art From NYFW For A Minute

There are many exciting elements to New York Fashion Week in addition to the obvious fashion of the shows.  If you are someone like me who has an interest in upcoming trends and sneak peeks at what's coming in the next season for hair, makeup and nails, as well as color, texture and pattern trends, you want to be sure to go where you can see what's on the whole fashion horizon.

If you are particularly interested in nail art, you've got to see this list of some of the nail looks from the latest New York Fashion Week that just passed.  These are creative and honestly, some are so simple that anyone could do them.  You'll notice a few recurring themes, such as the half moon manicure.  I'm going to have to try some of those soon.

Anyway....check it out on Buzz Feed by clicking this link.  I hope you enjoy it as I did.  Tell me what you think, if you'd like.  I'd love to hear your impressions of some of these new nail ideas.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I Heard.....Now Everyone Play Along...

Have you seen the latest nail polish? It's in a very familiar blue and it's for all Facebookers and called "Social Butterfly Blue". It looks really pretty. You can view it at the link back there <<<

So I got to being stupid and thought I'd be late night silly and want you all to join along. The game is called "I Heard".

No I don't heard cattle or sheep, I'm just being dumb and it started to make me laugh a little, so you have to give me your comments in the form of "I heard......."

(And be assured, none of the following is true!!!!)

I heard

Twitter is joining the nail polish craze with a soft blue called "Are You A Twit?" 

Instagram creates a shimmering cocoa colored nail polish called InstaGLAM.

There is a new cherry red textured polish on the scene!!  Pinterest follows a current trend speckling their nail polish with tiny silver thumb tacks.

AT&T will be announcing their new cyber nail polish to customers individually.  They will tell you about it in approximately 45 minutes.  There are two other polish lovers before you. 

Apple has a shiny tasty red nail polish...ooops you might want to wait until the get the bugs out.  Sometimes fruit has bugs.  Now that you have it, they would like to announce their newest nail polish....oh wait, there's a newer one...

Itunes has it's own beautiful purple nail polish that you can purchase for just $1.29 and watch it on your computer.

If you need to chat with your BFF about this ASAP, Text Messaging announces a new nail polish in TMG, (Text Message Green).

YOUR TURN.  You gotta play.  Please.  It amused me for 15 minutes.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back From Cosmoprof North America 2013

This year, CosmoprofNA was the largest yet.  I have so much information to share with you from some of your favorite companies and some that I hope will be new favorites.

I want to apologize for not posting yet.  I've had yet another physical set back with food poisoning and I've been trying to recover for a couple days.  I promise I'll be back within the next day or two to start loading you up with pictures and information.  

In the meantime, be sure to check my Instagram for pictures from the greatest beauty show in North America. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

3 Eye Makeup Looks With MAC Pigments

Hey there boys and girls, I have a featured writer today from all the way across the world from where I live. It's pretty exciting to be introduced to makeup looks from another country and culture. Please visit my guest, Anamika's, blog, which is linked in the post. I hope you enjoy!!!

Hi Everyone!
I am Anamika, a beauty and makeup blogger from India. Like you all, makeup is my passion and I love experimenting and playing with eye shadows. Today I am showing you some of my previous eye looks which I would like to share with you girls. I am more of a smokey eye makeup girl and my blog is a gateway to bring it in front of makeup enthusiasts. So without wasting much time, I will stop ranting now and go straight to the eye makeup.

MAC Reflect Antique Gold Pigment

I did this eye makeup with MAC Reflect antique gold which is a beautiful brown shade with a very fine gold shimmer into it. It’s a loud shade so I don’t prefer wearing it during the day but for a night party, people will keep noticing your eyes for sure. This pigment is great for popping up smokey eye makeup look.

MAC Antique Green Pigment

First word which pops up into my mind when I swatched it was smoky. It’s a shade which smoky eye makeup lovers will easily fall for. It’s a combination of smoky black teal with a bit of gold and is uber silky and smooth. Also, It looks much prettier on eyes and gives out that royal feeling in comparison to the hand swatch .By the way I have a feeling that it looks like a much richer version of MAC humid eye shadow. Isn’t it? I did this looking keeping in mind this pigment.

Intense Arabic eye makeup with MAC Grape Pigment

Eye makeup which I have done here is smoky arabic makeup where I have used MAC Grape pigment and MAC Vanilla pigment. My Maybelline gel eyeliner was missing therefore I used a liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Kajal, (kohl), for the eyeliner and water line. 
My thanks to Anamika for providing such an interesting post!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Have To Tell You About NYX Cosmetics Sex Bomb Eyeshadow Palette

There are so many cool things to tell you about from Cosmoprof North America 2013, as always. I've VERY excited!!! I know you will be too. If you've followed my Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr accounts, you've seen a lot of sneak peeks from CosmoprofNA 2013.  If you're not following me, get on it!!!  :)  There's lots of sneak previews that you don't want to miss.

My prediction for the first sell-out of everything I saw at Cosmoprof?  This!!

NYX Cosmetics, Sex Bomb, Eyeshadow Palette, femme fatale, Cosmoprof North America

Sex Bomb, Sex Bomb, you're my Sex Bomb....that's the Tom Jones version but I love the NYX Cosmetics version even more. I predict a very quick sell-thru once this hits the shelves. And I want it bad, so if I have to fight you in my neck brace, I will. Or not, because I'd lose. But I want this bad.

Because this is just a preview post, I'm going to share more pictures from this palette and it's accompanying palette called Adorable will sell out as well.

So this was a quickie little post, and I hope you enjoy the picture!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

The San Francisco Collection Is Coming From OPI For Fall 2013

Have you heard about the San Francisco Collection that's coming from OPI this fall? It's got three Liquid Sand colors, which I dearly love. The textures are cool and they often have awesome glitters in them. I haven't seen any swatches yet but I have a bottle group shot to show you today.

OPI San Francisco nail polish, fall 2013

There are some beautiful colors for fall 2013 here and I am especially excited for the Liquid Sand.  Can't wait to see swatches!!!

Here is a direct quote from the originator of OPI about her inspiration for this collection:

"“To me, the women of San Francisco and the city itself really epitomize today’s multifaceted beauty consumer,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “San Francisco offers a European flair with distinct West Coast attributes. These  elements inspired a collection of urban chic nail lacquer shades, thanks to the sophisticated combination of high fashion and eclectic street style. 

“With twelve colors ranging from moody grays and blues to garnet and ruby jewel tones, these lacquers are designed to accessorize fall’s hottest looks, from military details to winter whites,” continues Weiss-Fischmann. “On fall runways, models were seen wearing luxurious textures from head to toe. The three newLiquid Sand nail lacquers incorporate the texture trend through nails, with rich matte finishes in colors to complement the season’s fashion.”

You can find OPI products at most salons and some other stores such as JC Penneys, Regis, and Ulta. For more information, you can always visit

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