Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Solemate Pedicure Scrubber and Soap Review

exfoliation, pedicure

Today I want to tell you about a product called My Solemate, (6.4 oz/$12.98), which has a dual yet singular purpose, to give you prettier feet.   My Solemate is a two part unit containing a scrubber and a soap.  It fits together in the middle, presumably you could take it apart and replace whichever side you used up first.  It's sold as one piece, tho, so you probably wouldn't actually replace either side singularly.

soap, scrubber, pedicure

pedicure, feet, exfoliation, skincare

The yellow is the lemon scented soap and the white is the a pumice type of sponge.  The soap contains such ingredients as aloe, vitamin E and shea butter.  The full list of ingredients:

Sodium Palmate,Sodium Palm Kernelate,Glycerin, Synthetic Sorbitol, Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Vitamin E, Lavendula Angustifolia Extract,Synthetic Disodium EDTA, Perfume, BHT, CI11680, CI77891

What I want to tell you is that this item fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for a good grip while in the shower.  Use the soap to soften your feet and the white scrubber to exfoliate.  Having come from a place where summer still meant tennis shoes and socks for me, I honestly had no idea about this "summer feet" thing.  Most of the world wants pretty summer feet!!  Who knew??  Honestly as a kid from Alaska, I just had no idea.  But this is high season for pretty feet and you can achieve that at home with the help of My Soulmate.

So this is the exfoliating "stone":

pumice, foot care, exfoliation, pedicure

It does a pretty decent job of smoothing my feet.  My feet aren't rough at all and have some areas of sensitivity due to my recent foot surgery, but I'm able to control where I scrub rather well with this device.  I adore citrus scents and I do have to tell you this lemon reminded me a little bit of kitchen type lemon.  I'd like to see it smell like a mix of lemon and shea or something but that's just my personal citrus preference.

So save yourself a little money and pick up this handy soap and pumice stone combination.  Head over to where you can save on shipping if you're a Prime member.  You'll find yourself a Solemate via Twitter and Instagram... And let's have happy feet!!!

How do you currently exfoliate your perfect pedi?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nail Butter - The Cuticle and Hand Cream You Need To Know

Recently I was sent a sample of a product called Nail Butter, ($24), a cruelty-free, handmade in the USA, cuticle, nail and skin care cream.   I gave this product a full and thorough scientific investigation before I came to tell you what my opinion is.  I'll tell you straight out this will be in the running for my top cosmetic find of 2015, and probably my top nail product of the year.  I can't imagine finding anything better.

cuticle cream, hand, hands, nails, healing

Nail Butter arrives in a cute glass jar with a polka-dot lid.  It comes in two different scents, Gardenia and Lemongrass.  For review and testing, I chose the Lemongrass.  I'm so glad I did!!  I love anything citrus scented and the lemongrass practically smells like a pie.  I could just literally sniff the cream all day long.

It is a rich emollient consistancy so you only need a little to put on cuticles, hands, elbows or anywhere else that you might have dry skin.  A tiny bit is all that is needed as it goes a really long way awhile it melts and melds into the skin.

hand cream, cuticle, nails, fingernails, healing, skincare

It was during a heatwave of about 112 degrees that my tub arrived, so you can see just the tiniest bit of melt on the left side as it sat in my mailbox during the afternoon.  In no way has that affected the product efficacy.

I'm going to give you a quick run down of my analysis, with a little background.  I had been having trouble with my nails and cuticles for about six or seven months.  I'd literally tried everything I could find.  I was using a bunch of different kinds of lotion and cuticle removers.  My nails were breaking and shredding, which is pretty unusual for me.  I found out my thyroid was undermedicated, explaining a lot of the nail weakness.  However, once that was corrected, I was still having a horrible time with my nails.

We had moved during the winter and my skin just hates the water here.  A water softener made it worse so we ditched it.  Everytime I washed my hands, they got worse.  They looked like this just about a month ago:  (WARNING:  If you're used to pretty nail pictures, this could be horrifying).

It was pretty lousy for me.  I hadn't been able to paint my nails for four months.  The middle two kept breaking and no amount of maintenance could help my cuticles.  It was discouraging.  You can see on my middle finger where I had tried a nail color on my finger but the nails were in such sorry shape, that I just took it right off.

The first time I tried Nail Butter was overnight.  I could tell a difference when I woke up in the morning without all that crustiness.  (I'm sorry this is gross, but I just have to tell you how wonderful this product is.)   Five days later, my nails weren't chipping or peeling and I was able to actually do a manicure for the first time.  Totally thrilling for me!!

cuticle care, nails, fingernails, skincare. Zoya

My nails weren't perfect but they were a FAR CRY from where they'd been the previous six months.  My skin and hands suffered so much for so long!  Five days of Nail Butter made such a difference...I call that a miracle.

Ten days later, my two middle nails were GROWING...and healing and so was my skin.  I did another manicure.  Two in a row for the first time in at least six months!!!

cult nails, manicure, nailpolish, cuticle care, skincare

I was completely convinced that I need Nail Butter at all times by this point, but I really wanted to do a good investigation.  So I stopped.  And for a few days, I used my cuticle oils and hand creams again....and more often than I used the Nail Butter, (once a night).  I was quickly back to my sorry nail state.  I started up the Nail Butter again and healing began within 24 hours.   I know that Nail Butter is the only thing I've come across while living in this harsh water area that will soothe my nail beds.  It is a complete must have for me, any nail blogger and anyone with brittle nails or peeling skin.

Nail Butter contains all natural cruelty-free ingredients:  wool wax, (lanolin), beeswax, natural emulsifiers, (sodium borate, cetyl alcohol, oil of mustard, aloe vera extract, grape seed oil, and...something for the fragrance.  The jar says gardenia oil, but again, my scent is lemongrass, so something else is used.  What is does NOT contain are parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial dyes or frangrances.

You can purchase Nail Butter on their website for $24.  Be sure to sign up on the website and receive immediate discounts.  I've already purchased two backups to put in my fridge until I need them.  I just can't be without it.

You can also follow Nail Butter on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

So tell me, do you find it better with Butter?  I sure do!

Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th Weekend Beauty Sales and Steals

My inbox has a ton of really great coupons and sales for the Fourth of July Independence Day weekend.  Just in case you don't subscribe to the same lists I do, I want to share some with you.

Don't forget to sign up with Ebates.   You'll receive cash back for orders placed at many of the following online locations.  I've saved over $200 already in the few months I've been a member.  It's SO worth it!!

First of all, sign up at  They have amazing coupons and specials that will come to your inbox.  I just had the opportunity to buy backups of the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer, which I have no doubt will end up being my product of the year for 2015.  I was able to purchase a color I didn't have as well as two I already do.  Pretty excited about that.  Sign up for the newsletter and get a free gift with purchase with the code SUMMERGLOW.

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Tarte Cosmetics has a firecracker of a deal at 15% off with the code STARS runing now until July 5th.  If you'd like to see how beautiful Tarte is, please check some of my reviews.

Zoya has a great deal for BOGO 3!  Buy any three polishes and get three free.  Use the promo code 3Free, put the colors in your cart and there ya go.  Add the colors you want and put the promo code in the coupon field in the shopping cart and it makes the $$ adjustment.  There is no limit to how many sets you can buy.  This deal runs until 7/4/15 at 11:59 p.m.

ORLY, my goodness I think this is unprecedented.  Look at what I got in my email:

Fourth of July, nail polish, Fireworks

Beauty For Real has a  $10 off coupon using the code FREEMONEY at checkout.  Check out some of their products here.  Code is available until Monday, 7/6/15 at 00:00 am.

There is a fantastic Beauty Gift With Purchase at Nordstrom.  Oh my!!!!!  So cute!  And you can pick the one you want!  Be sure to check for the items on sale that are price matched.  (wait, I can't finish this post till I place my order.)

Over at Z Palette, can get 20% off the colors in the Sunset Collection.  Sale end 7/5/15 at 11:59 pm.

BH Cosmetics has up to 73% off on various items.  The offer ends 7/5/15 at 11:59 pm PST.  I have the green and brown eye palettes and oh my gosh...just so beautiful!!

And if you love Reviva Labs Skincare, (I don't know anyone who's used it that doesn't.  I love their products, too), head on over to their website for 20% off during the WHOLE month of July!!!!!!  Use the code July15.  You can read about some of my favorites here.

Grace and Lace is a fashion site, and really, isn't fashion all about the beauty of it?  They are having an incredible 25% off sale with the code FREEDOM.  

fashion, sale, July 4th, Independence Day, boot cuffs

Bath and Body Works is having a great sale.  Stop by their website to view the deets.  And sign up for their email list for special coupons.  There are two; one for $10 off $30 and the other is $20 off $50.

Pixi Beauty has 15% off sitewide with the code JULY4.  Don't forget to check the sale section of the website for more specials.  Sale ends July 5th at 11:59 PST.  Read some of my Pixi Favorites HERE.

If lipstick is your game, Gerard Cosmetics has a four pack lipstick special for $38 until July 4th at midnight.  Enter the coupon code 4thpack.

Dermalogica is having a 15% off sale with the code FFJUNE15.  The sale runs until July 7th, 2015 at 11:45 pm PST,

While on your feet, check your local Fred Meyer, Walgreens and Ulta for more great cosmetic sales.  And don't forget to use your Kohl's cash this week for additional money off everything!

Be sure to check your cartwheel app for Target.  They have some awesome sales this weekend online and in store and add more discounts often.  Use that Target card for an extra 5% off.  It really adds up.

I think this will keep us busy for now.  Please feel free to add to my list.  As I was typing this up, I realized that I just missed the KB Shimmer 20% off sale.  I'm devastated.  ugh.  I guess I'll survive.....somehow.

Thank you for bearing with me for this long list.  And please let me know of any sale, whether home, fashion or beauty, whatever floats your boat.  And share your weekend plans, if you want.  I'm just going to stay home, pool it and work on my blog.  :)  How about you?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Algenist Tinted Moisturizer Won My Homerun Derby

Let's be REALLY honest right from the first pitch; all beautyfiles are continually searching for the perfect foundation type of product to use to prime their facial canvas. I've felt fortunate over the years  to have found a few different products that I've liked, experiencing  tinted moisturizers as well as cream, liquid and powder foundations of every type and in every price range. I'm telling you right off the bat that Algenist Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer, ($42), is, hands down, my all time favorite and blows all others out of the water!!!!  It's so much more incredible than any other I've tried and yes, it is HOLY GRAIL status.

SPF30, tinted moisturizer, skincare, foundation, microalgea oil

You might want to know why I make such a bold claim?  Well, let me tell you my experience, (and why I've already re-ordered backups).

If you've been with me awhile, you'll know Algenist is one of my favorite brands ever.  You can read more about the company and their products here.  I have a few more products to talk about in upcoming posts but if you check my reviews, you'll see each says some variation of  "get this product!"  The Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is no exception.  YOU WANT THIS ONE!!!

There are three components of the tinted moisturizer that are important to note.  The first is that this has an SPF30.  This is a broad spectrum sunscreen, and here it is in the midst of summer in the desert southwest and my skin is fully protected!!  I haven't burned, haven't had a dark spot...none of that stuff that happens with a lower protection or, (yikes!), no protection at all.  Please wear sunscreen!!  You're saving your skin as well as your life and the signs of age will show much more slowly.  If you can't remember to apply it alone as you go about your day, make sure it's in your foundation, such as with this product.

The second aspect to the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is the skincare it contains.  Virtually all tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams make skincare claims.  Algenist's are as such:

(From their website):
  • Instantly blurs skin imperfections
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and sallow tones
  • Improves and refines skin texture
  • Provides broad spectrum sun protection
Never before have I found any type of foundation or tinted moisturizer that actually helped my skin itself, no matter what the claims were.  The Algenist has ABSOLUTELY made my skin look better with every application.  I can make the bold statement and be 100% accurate and truthful in saying that my skintone is more even, the redness is gone, an age spot I had is disappearing, and the texture of my skin is definitely improved.

I had developed some bumpyness from a hideous scaring event that lasted two years.  That has been smothed with the use of the Algenist and the color has evened out.  The people who see me in my offscreen life know just how awful this was.   Dare I include a picture?  I hadn't intended to do this but I need to show you just how amazing Algenist is!

I suffered for two years from a complication of celiac disease.  At the time, we didn't know what it was.  I went to about six dermatologists in varying states and nobody had a clue.  The condition hit my face after my second neck surgery.  I had blisters and open sores.  It was ugly, hideous, deforming, itchy and painful.  After surgery, I looked like this:

I had been blessed with decent skin for most of my life.  I was thankful for that but I wondered if this new experience would be the death of my beauty blogging career.  It got far worse before I got better.  I could no longer try to cover it with makeup, and only showed myself to my closest friends.  They were even horrified.  The next picture I call my Frankenstein Look.  It was so bad and the sores so deep that my two knee surgeries had to be done with a spinal block because they didn't want to put a mask on my face.  In other words, I had to be awake.

SOOOOoooooo not pretty!!!  Shortly after the picture in the hair salon, I was sent a bottle of the Algenist Advanced Anti Aging Repair Oil.  This product CHANGED MY LIFE!!  In six weeks, I saw a lot of healing.  I was even able to wear foundation, if I wanted.  Most of the deepest sores disappeared, although I still kept to glasses and a ball cap most of the time.

Honest to goodness, the repairing oil was a miracle.  Open sores for TWO YEARS.  There was no hope of healing despite many doctor's prescriptions until I was able to try the Repairing Oil, ($79/1oz, in the golden bottle).  I've repurchased twice and it's worth every penny.  (I am wearing minimal makeup in the above picture).

Early this year, I found out the facial disaster was from celiac disease.  I stopped eating gluten products and saw more healing but was left with scars and tons of discoloration.  I thought I might have to get some kind of expensive resurfacing treatment to continue as a beauty blogger.  And now is where the fun begins!!!

I was sent some of the Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer to test.  It comes in four colors, as seen below.  I haven't blended them for you because I wanted you to see the differences.  Also, I don't have all four colors, so I ran down to Ulta to swatch them for you.   From left to right:  Light, Medium Light, Medium, Dark.  I have both Light and Medium.  I was the absolute palest I've ever been over the winter and Light was a perfect match.  Being a tinted moisturizer, you do have some play in the shades in application, meaning you can mix it with moisturizer and make it lighter or you can layer to make it darker.  I am probably a Light Medium now, but I use the Light and then contour with the Medium and that works for me.

tinted moisturizer, spf, skincare, foundation

When I started using the Repairing Tint and Radiance Mositurizer, I immediately saw an improvement to my skin both in how it looked and in how much more of an even tone and texture that I was having.  I now have no plans to get any kind of facial treatement.  The Algenist is doing it all for me.

I'm more comfortable with how I look now.  I'm not even embarassed by the small amount of remaining healing to go.  I can do anything!!!  I can return to mugging for the camera in my jammies while goofing with eyebrows.

skincare, spf, healing, celiac, foundation

I can go to Ulta, or anywhere else, for a quick swatchfest without makeup and not have to hide or be embarassed.

I can take random lip swatches in my car.   In the picture below, I'm wearing the Algenist tinted moisturizer.

You can see there's a tiny bit of the Duhring's Disease from Celiac left, but boy, oh boy, do I not even care about that because Algenist has improved my skin so much.  I'm fully confident that my skin will look better and better with continued use.

I mentioned three things that this tinted moisturizer sun protection, provides amazing skin treatment qualities and the third is how it looks on the skin.

Dahling, it look marvelous!!  It really does.  It goes on smoothly and evenly.  It has light to medium coverage without being too light, feeling heavy or masky, and is buildable to cover whatever you want to.  The wear of this is incredible.  It looks great and doesn't melt off in even 115 degrees F.  SERIOUSLY.

Do you know that I've walked through Nordstrom, more than once, and have been stopped by an makeup artist and asked what I was wearing?  Not my clothing mind you, but they asked about what foundation I had on because my skin just glowed.  They've asked about my "perfect" skin and how I use foundation without it being obvious.  They really have, and it does make me laugh because I remember how awful Mrs. Frankenstein was.

I love the way this looks and how it wears.  I love that it's buildable without looking cakey.  I love that it's not runny and weird like so many I've used.  I love that it looks natural.  I love that it protects my skin while using it's ingredients to make it healthier.  I love the radiance it imparts to my naturally dull skin.  There's not one thing I don't love about it.

Algenist skincare is sold at Sephora, UltaNordstrom, and Algenist's own website.  I have loved everything I've used.  The Repairing Tint and Radiance Moisturizer is in my top three.  I can't decide if it's number 1 or 2, so maybe you might want to test drive it and number it for your own skin, too.  Algenist loaded the bases with the Repairing Oil and just knocked it out of the part with the tinted moisturizer!!  Home Run!!!

Have you been fortunate enough to discover Algenist yet?  Do you know anyone with Celiac Disease who has suffered from this skin ailment?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Scored My New Tarte Bronzer With!!

ShopAtHome, swatches, pink, bronze, cruelty free, mineral clay

I can almost hear you thinking, "holy cow, what is that beautiful piece of artwork and how did Polarbelle purchase it with ShopAtHome?"  First of all, you're's beautiful.  All the spring Tarte Cosmetics items have great artwork on the packaging.  The beauty is practically overwhelming and could easily be displayed around the house or on a vanity to be admired.

Behold the inside of the Tarte Cosmetics Park Avenue Princess Bronzer Blush in Pink Bronze, (.31 oz/ $30).  How in the world did anyone think of something so outstandingly beautiful?   Top that off with Tarte being cruelty-free cosmetics and this is a real winner!

ShopAtHome, bronze, pink, glow, swatches, cruelty free

Before I show you the swatches, I want to talk about how I purchased this with  I had seen the Bronzer Blush in a store and almost died on the spot because the beauty was so overwhelming.  I determined right there to own it but thought I should wait a few days due to some other purchases I'd brought home lately.  I swear my husband's new hobby is shopping bag counting.  Well, then a funny thing happened.  I should say life happened, cuz it wasn't too funny really.

Before I could get back to the store, I had an unexpected surgery on both feet.  It wasn't fun.  My plans to obtain this latest Tarte item flew out the window when the stitches were put in my toes.  I couldn't walk down the hall of the house and I knew I'd never make it back to the store for a couple of weeks.  Then I had some complications from restless leg, and blah, blah, blah....I had to go out of state for more treatment so I hadn't been able to walk by the time I left, much less go purchase my beloved.

Enter, an online website offering thousands of coupons and different rates of cash back with each purchase.  I downloaded the app and I was on my way to score my golden ticket, I mean Tarte Bronzer Blush.

I surfed through the app for hours, literally, looking at coupons and cash back rates.  It was pretty interesting as one thing I am all about is free shipping and has MANY exclusive free shipping coupons when you shop through their site.

All you have to do is sign up with them, sign in when you go to their site and click through to your chosen shopping website.  Just make sure you click through on the specific coupons that you wish to utilize. sends your cash back out 12 times a year and they start sending it once you reach $20 back.

So I surfed around and found a lot of good deals but all I could really think about was the Tarte Cosmetics Park Ave Princess Bronzer Blush in Pink Bronze.  I'd waited so long!!!  I went to the Sephora site through the app and ordered the Pink Bronze.  Ahhhhhh, finally I could relax and wait for "My Preciousssss" to arrive.  And in doing so, I am receiving 4% cash back through

Should we look at swatches?  I thought you might say yes.  Let me refresh you on the beautiful swirls and colors of this product, which comes in two different compositions, Pink Bronze and Peach Bronze.

ShopAtHome, bronze, pink, glow, swatches, cruelty free, mineralized clay

In the swatch pictures, I have numbered the different colors.  The lightest pink is 1, medium pink is 2, golden is 3, lightest brown is 4 and the deeper looking brown is number 5.

The swatch mixing the two pinks is labeled as A.
The swatch mixing the golden and the two browns is labeled as B.
The swatch at the bottom is a mix of all the colors together.

ShopAtHome, bronze, pink, glow, swatches, blonzer, blush, cruelty free

I would describe the colors as such:

1)  Light pink - A light slightly warm pink with a light pink glow.
2)  Medium Pink - A matte medium range peach toned pink.
3)  Gold - A yellowed wheat colored gold with a golden glow.
4)  The lighter brown - In the palette this is the lighter brown, but in swatches it is darker than the other.  It is a matte peachy brown.
5)  Darker brown - in the palette this is the deep brown.  In swatches it is lighter than #4.  It is a beautiful lighter tanned glowing color.

ShopAtHome, coupons, sale, swatches, cruelty free, mineralized clay

A)  The mix of the two pinks is a lovely glowing slightly peachy baby pink .  So pretty!!!
B)  The mix of the two browns with the golden wheat is a beautiful warm tanned peach with a golden glow.

The long swatch on the bottom is the mix of the whole palette.  It comes out as a terracotta toned peachy bronze with a golden bronze glow.  Add more pink to make it a little cooler.

I have to tell you that because this is made of mineralized clay and they way it is pressed with the pigments, it just GLOWS.  It doesn't have small shimmer particles that you see, nor does it look like shimmer on the face.  It's made of mineralized clay so it just GLOWS.  And It's a beautiful glow.

Just one more swatch picture:

Mineralized clay, cruelty free, ShopAtHome, coupons, sale

The bronzer blush gives me a great glow.  I like to mix more of the pink for myself or it can be a bit warm on me.  It tends to go warm anyway, and honestly, as long as I match the warmth on my lips and eyes, it looks fantastic!!  I use the bronzes with the gold in the typical bronzing patterns and use the pinks on the apples of my cheeks.

Give a try.  I like that they have an app so you can access them anywhere!!  Doctors, pre-surgery, getting stitches out, whatever, lol.  Take a look around and tell me what you'd like to receive in the mail.  Do you have this Tarte Bronzer Blush?  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Win!! Win!! Win!!! Beauty Blogazons $350 Gift Card Giveway!!!!!

We know everyone loves a giveaway, right?  Especially for a Visa gift card so that you can decide which $350 worth of goods that you want to purchase. The members of the Beauty Blogazons have banned together to again bring you a lovely giveaway for spring. It runs until April 6th, so enter now!! The giveaway is also open internationally so everyone can enter to win.  The most tasks you complete, the better your odds are.  I'd love to see a Polarbelle reader win!

Beauty Blogazons Spring Giveaway

Monday, March 23, 2015

New Pixi Spring 2015 Makeup, Skincare and Amethyst Amore Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Glow Mist, Amethyst Amore, Olive Gold, Silver Glow, Lucent Glow

My spring started off with a pop and a hippity-hop in my step when I received the Spring 2015 cosmetics box from Pixi Beauty. It had some great new items that I just couldn't wait to try!!!  This is a really exciting box and even contained candy!!!  It was quite the traveler, too.  It went to my former residence 2500 miles away before it found its way to my new house.  I'm so glad it did.

I don't want to bore you with all the health drama of my family, but it has been quite the couple of months, with no real end in sight.  I had a month long pneumonia caused by cigarette smoke exposure, (my 3rd in a year and a half!!), and tried to keep on top of things with my husband and child at the same time.  It's been overwhelming and most of the time I've been exhausted.  I have a new batch of allergies that have come with my new location, unfortunately, and am trying to get a handle on those.   I'm not making rapid headway and it's held my blog progress back.  BUT...I'm sick of being sick and laying around and I just want to get started telling you about all these things I've discovered lately!!  So...onto the show...

Pixi Beauty Glow Mist, ($15), is a great addition to the line.  It contains 13 different oils in addition to propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts.!!  It is literally loaded with great things.  And it has a clean fresh scent which I really like while absorbing quickly.  I have really dry skin so this works very well for me.  Use it before makeup to hydrate, protect and nourish your skin.  Use it after makeup to set it and provide a natural glow while protecting your skin and makeup application.  Use it anytime to feel refreshed or to add a glow.  The bottle is travel sized at under 3 fl ounces so take it on an airplace with you to remain hydrated and look fresh when you touch down.  Be sure to shake this a little before using to mix all the oils.

Pixi swatches, lip, nails, eyeshadow, skincare

The two space age looking items on the left of the above picture are Pixi Fairy Dusts in the colors Silver Glow and Golden Olive, ($10).  They are a loose powder color that can be used in any way you can imagine.  You can use them as eye shadow or mix them with various other colors for use on the cheeks, lips or body.  Mix a little with moisturizer to create a light glow.

The Fairy Dusts have a super cool applicator.  It picks up just the right amount for eyes and is easy to use to apply them.  If you want, you can use a brush or fingers as well.  Below is a picture of Silver Glow.  The addition of an applicator is fantastic for makeup-messaphobes like me.  I don't like when my makeup gets messy and this applicator is great to control my pigment dust fear.  :)  If you love pigments, you are going to be estatic over the smooth application of the Fairy Dusts!!!


I purchased the holiday Fairy Dust stacker this winter and if you're at all like me, you might wonder if the Golden Olive is similar to the holiday set.  You'll see below that while it is close, it's really not the same.  Hallelujah, no repeats!!!!

The fairy dust that is second from the bottom in the holiday set is the closest to Golden Olive.  However, Golden Olive has a golden tone to it where the other is more of a straight up taupe.

Golden Olive Fairy Dust is descibed as a vintage gilded moss shimmer.
Silver Glow is a satin silver with a lavender gold sheen.

I have swatched both next to the Tinted Brilliance Balm, ($14),  in the new spring 2015 color Lucent Glow, which is described as a luminous rose gold shimmer in a translucent base.  You can see in the swatch on the right that is is a glow with some pink and gold to it.  This is my fourth or fifth Tinted Brilliance Balm and I just adore these.  The Lucent Glow doesn't give much color on the lips, but I think it's my favorite.  I could swear it plumps my lips!!  The look fuller and just spectacular while remaining hydrated.  It's really great for a drop of sexy over any other lip item or for fantastic lush lips when used alone.

Silver Glow, Golden Olive, swatches, pink

With my arm at a slightly different angle below, you can see that you'll mostly see the wet glow with hints of the gold and pink.

swatches, Silver Glow, Golden Olive, pink

The final item I'm going to show you today is Pixi's nail color for February 2015, Amethyst Amore, ($8).  

swatches, review

Amethyst Amore draws it's name from the birthstone of February.  This nail color, however, has more of a blue than a true amethyst stone.  It's nearly a blurble in most lights, while being definitely blue with a lot of purple tone to it.  The color of the month nail polishes are only found online at Pixi Beauty's website.

This is a great spring color for me!!  Check it works so well with my favorite shorts!!

And behind my hand in the next picture is my favorite beach towel.

How great does it look by the pool?

Spring 2015

Like your most comfortable jeans, Amethyst Amore goes with literally anything!!!  It's great on fingers or toes.  It's bright and cheery and will pull you from the dreariness of winter and hopping on into the promise of spring.  Go get one now!  You need it. the way....this is a ONE COAT WONDER.  Few and far between are nail polishes that are complete with just one coat.  And when I find one, I always use two coats anyway because I am just a two-coater kind of girl.  HOWEVER, for the first time ever, folks, FIRST TIME, I used just one coat of Amethyst Amore in the manicure you see and was totally satisfied with it.

ONE COAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND....drum roll, please....this polish absolutely DOES NOT STAIN!!!!!! Perfection!!

You can find Pixi products on their own website, in Target stores and on Target online.  Not all special edition Pixi products will be available at Target but many are.  

I just love Pixi's products.  I feel so honored to be able to review for them.  Why?  Great quality!!  Fun products and I just feel like a Princess when I  am able to say that I'm wearing Pixi.  Don't you??

What kind of spring items and activities are you looking forward to this year?

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