Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Genius of the TooFaced Diamond Light Highlighter.

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I thought I was doing fine in my highlighting stash, already possessing every tone of pink, green, white, and "my color of" golden highlighters. I felt that my highlighting force field would keep me from purchasing too many duplicate colored highlighters this year....although I did want to take a look at the TooFaced Dimond Light Highlighter, ($34 / .42oz), out of curiosity.   I heard it was predominantly green and I couldn't imagine a diamond in a pink box being green.   I knew Jerrod had something special in store for us and couldn't wait to discover the magic.

It took a couple days to find a store that even had a tester out.  I admired the beautiful presentation of the product.  It's in a ring box inside the type of box they put the special ring box in.   Cute and kistchy and it pulls on our inner princesses to want to feel it and gives that special moment of anticipation as you open it and pull out the special ring box.

When I opened the tester that the store had, I could see some pink and some green toned yellow.  And I told the sephora girl it looked like you're not limited to just green or just pink but you can mix combinations of the colors to come up with even more variations of tones.  And then my finger found a blue patch around the back side.  That's when the Diamond Light FIRE took off in my heart.  You can highlight with blue, or pink, or the green/yellow, or violet, or a silvery pink.  It's very interesting the colors you can play with in this one shimmering highlighter.

The one I have is mainly pink.  It has a big blob of pink on top which I was thrilled by.


It has much green/gold as well and some smaller spots of blue mainly around the corners.  I'm going to have to work to pull the blue out.


It's so interesting.  I can swatch it on any given day and depending where my finger placement is, I'll get a different variation of colors.   Here is my basic pink, blue, greenish gold, and the top mixed.


I can mix the pink with more of the gold/green and I get a lightly pink nearly white color.


I just think it's really cool that you can use it for different specific colors.  Or swirl it all together; it's up to you.  When I saw all the colors, it was like a window of highlighting opportunity opened for me and my imagination took me to a new highlighting plane I had never been to before.


On the left in the picture about are two attempts at duo-colored highlights.  The first is blue to pink, and the second is the yellow green to pink.  It's totally FUN WITH COLORS!

This highlighter can be found on the TooFaced website, Sephora and also at Ulta, which is where I found one to purchase.   You can follow TooFaced on TwitterPinterest, FacebookInstagram, and YouTube. 

Keep in mind that your highlighter will vary in percentages of the color mix from mine but it will still be brilliant.  Explore it and have fun with it.  I believe the next picture is what TooFaced wants to tell each of us in this new year.


What do you think?  Does the idea of using different mixes appeal to you?

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team

Hi everyone. I'm a day late with the roundup - I have been fighting something I picked up in surgery a month ago and it got out of control last week. My doctor put me on a new antibiotic that just made me sicker. I couldn't get up and about due to fever and that nasty pill, so it's Monday and we've changed antibiotics and all should be good in a couple days. I feel that I owed you an explanation of what's going on because, I don't know about you, but I never expected this all to take so long to get back to the keyboard. I hope you'll enjoy the roundup and don't forget to enter my giveaway on the previous post.

Do you have a pair of Tweezerman tweezers or other implements laying around that are blunt and no longer function correctly? Jen from The Jedi Wife writes about her experience with sending her own tweezers to the company sharpening service facility for a firsthand and honest look at the process.

If you are among the many people seeking to green-up your makeup routine, with eco-luxe lipsticks, then Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is thrilled to introduce you to AXIOLOGY Natural Lipsticks and Lip Crayons. They are ultra-pigmented, packed with good-for-you nourishing ingredients, and they put the luxe in eco-luxe. Check out the full review and swatches to see why this is a great brand to add to your collection.

It's time to get your exercise game up and running. Lisa from Beauty Info Zone has a beauty helper from Yuni - the Reset & Rejuvenate kit that she thinks is the perfect companion.

Pammy Blogs Beauty has some great Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet makeup ideas!

Prime Beauty tested out the new Olay Skin Advisor Tool and learned her skin age is 6 years younger than her chronological age! Find out how easy it is to use the tool, get product recommendations and see her results!

Have you ever gotten a Beautylish Lucky Bag, a limited edition luxury makeup subscription box that comes out every January? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty shares her impressions of her first one!

Continuing her countdown of the Best In Beauty for 2017 this week Polarbelle brings you her Best and Worst Lip Products for the year.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

First Haul and Giveaway of 2018

January is always the best month for the drugstore.  The brands clearance products from the previous year and start rolling out their new and exciting new year products.  Some higher end brands also start the new year with something special.  I've seen a few things, (ok I saw it was more than a few as I filmed it), and there's some really interesting things out now.  In particular, I want you to see the new duochrome Jordana lipglosses in Walgreens.

I'd love to invite you to view my haul and all the swatches.  And then slide on down below and enter the giveaway.  Good Luck.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Beauty Spotlight Team Weekly Best

There is a fabulous new makeup subscription box called Deck of Scarlet. Every two months you will receive a new makeup palette curated by a popular YouTuber. Prime Beauty got ahold of the January/February Edition!

What if you never used fragrances but suddenly found a way to enhance your life with aromatherapy? See what Marcia from Beauty Info Zone discovered that has changed it all up for her.

The New Year is a great time to revive your hair care routine! Pammy Blogs Beauty is working to repair past damage and she is loving Nexxus's ProMend line!

Aftelier Perfumes Cuir de Gardenia, a sublime work of art, was just selected as Lola's Secret Beauty Blog's all-time favorite perfume. If you purchase but one perfume this year, it should be this complex beauty.

Are you in need of some amazing skincare and a new foundation at a great price? Then you need to check out Justina's Gems review of the ">New Year, New Confidence in Your Skin collection that hits QVC this week!

Putting together a list of makeup to try in the new year? Allison from Never Say Die Beauty shares her favorite makeup from 2017.

Has your skin been taking a beating from the winter weather? See affordable skincare that's available at the drugstore on Makeup Obsessed Mom's blog.

MAKE UP FOR EVER has reformulated their eyeshadows and Christa from Realizing Beauty shares some of the stunning 121 available shades of Artist Color Shadows.

What if you never used fragrances but suddenly found a way to enhance your life with aromatherapy? See what Marcia from Beauty Info Zone discovered that has changed it all up for her.

15 Minute Beauty has begun a series, Real Beauty Addicts, to share what leaders in the beauty world recommend. Start with her first article with Dr. Lilly to see the products she loves best.

This week, Polarbelle has declared her Beauty Goals for 2018 and would love to hear yours.

Join Beauty Judy to learn how to make your own Peppermint Salt Scrub.


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