Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What's Coming From Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer & Gelish Gel Polish - As Seen At Cosmoprof North America 2017

One of the first places we always talk about visiting as we prepare for Cosmoprof North America, is the Nail Alliance booth to check out what's new and happening  with Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer and Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish.  This year was no exception as we booked an appointment with THE Morgan and THE Taylor right away.  You might know that Morgan Taylor and Gelish are sister companies.  Morgan and Taylor are the daughters of the Gelish owners and have created a nail polish line with mirroring gel colors in Gelish formula.  You can often buy duo packs of Morgan Taylor and Gelish so that you can do matching tips and toes in gel and nail lacquer both.  Genius.  Much of the inspiration for the color stories comes from the fashion runways all over the world.  If you follow on social media channels, which I'll link below, you'll see the Morgan Taylor team polishing their hearts out at the biggest and best fashion shows.

The first color story for fall launches in August and is called Matadora.  The inspiration is from Spain and the richness of the fabrics seen in the culture and scenery of the historic country.  The collection has a rich feel and again, the lacquers and the gels match perfectly.  Here are the swatches.

I love the white satin feel of I'm Drawing a Blanco and I found Mauve Your Feet to be everything I'd want in a mauve nude cream.  I was really drawn to it!!  You can't do a Spanish themed color story without Don't Break My Corazon and All Tango-d Up, the orange red cream and deep red cream that you see above.  Danced and Sang-ria, the vampy purple cream, and Ole My Way, the deep navy blue shimmer are absolutely stunning when you see them in person.  I find this collection to be different, unique and captivating.

Look for these displays:

I love how the Gelish bottles have changed shape to match the Morgan Taylor stash.

October will bring us the Holiday 2017 color story Little Miss Nutcracker.  Seven luscious shades have been inspired by toy soldiers and nutcrackers.  There is a silver special effect, Silver In My Stocking, in both brands.  It is so smooth to the touch, you just won't believe it.  It's not chunky at all and adds that special holiday flair to any of the colors.

I love the tone of the green in the glitter called You Crack Me Up.  The navy blue cream is Baby It's Cold Outside.  Plum-thing Magical is the rich royal purple shimmer.  Next is the red shimmer called Don't Toy With My Heart.  We have a lovely gold metallic named Just Tutu Much, (haha). and the silver metallic shade is Dreaming of Gleaming.

I want to show what both brands' displays look like so that you don't miss what you're looking for.

Following the holidays is the Winter 2017 release entitiled Thrill Of The Chill.  It has deep vampy colors that remind me of all the rich velvets I always dreamed of wearing in winter when I was little.  There is a special effect shade in this collection as well, and it is again an amazingly smooth coat of frosted golden glimmer named Ice Cold.  I can't wait for it!!  See how it picks up and reflects different colors?  It does, indeed remind me of the Northern Lights, which were part of the inspiration for this collection.

The deep red cream is Angling For A Kiss.  Let's Kiss & Warm Up is a plum cream.  Don't Let The Frost Bite is the grape colored cream.  (Who thinks these names up?  As a born and raised Alaskan, I crack up at these and my memories.)  The deep taupe cream is Caviar On Ice.  And the pale nude gorgeousness is called My Main Freeze.  These will be available for a limited time starting in December.

January 2018 will be exciting with the collection that will be exclusive to Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer and not picked up in Gelish.  It's their first holographic collection called Platinum.  I like every color in it.

Diamonds In The Sky is a sky blue holographic shimmer.  Disco Days is the mint green holographic shimmer.  The coral is called Glow All Out.  Next we have the light pink shimmer called Holo Lover!  The lilac holographic shimmer is It's Lit!  And the silver holographic shimmer is called Liquid Bling.  Yes, all of these need to come to Mama!!

Morgan Taylor and Gelish reunite in February 2018 to both issue the color story named Royal Temptations.  There is a really cool special effect glitter that is unlike anything you've seen from these brands before.  It's called Over-The-Top Pop.  I want to be sure to get this in both brands.  It has all different types of glitters in it.

The other colors are My Other Wig Is A Tiara, the sea foam metallic you see on the left.  The adjoining teal cream is Ruffle Those Feathers.  In the middle is the purple pearl called All The Queen's Bling.

My favorite nail color to wear is a hot pink cream like All My Hearts Desires.  Next is the creamy coral called Beauty Marks The Spot.  And finally, we have Curls & Pearls, a pale pink cream.  I apologize for not having pictures of the displays to show you.  But check this out:

There are some very rich colors, some blingy special effects and some royal offerings coming from now through Spring 2018 from both Morgan Taylor and Gelish.  You really should follow them on social media to see the beautiful designs and colors they present at the world's fashion forums.

You can learn more about Morgan Taylor by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  Head to their blog to see what they've done at the various worldwide fashion weeks.  There is also a link to their Snapchat on the website.  Look for the lacquers online here and in stores at Ulta.

Follow Gelish on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  You can purchase them at Sallys Beauty Supply.

Did you see anything that you liked?  Which color story pulls on your inner artist most?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Love My Body! Bodyography Pro Cosmetics Review And CPNA Overview

One of the best things about attending a show like Cosmoprof North America, is having the opportunity to meet with and learn more about brands whose products you already love.  I was sent a couple of Bodyography Professional Cosmetics items by PR and if you've followed me awhile, chances are good that you've read, heard or seen me talking about them.  When the opportunity came up for me to meet with Lori, Creative Director and makeup artist at Bodyography, I booked the appointment for my first meeting of the conference because I just couldn't wait to learn more!

The items I had received are Stratus glitter pigment, (3 gm / $23), and Tango Lip Vapour, (7.48 ml / $22).  They came with the hilarious button that cracked me up stating "I love my Body!".  (In the picture is an unrelated nail polish by Omega).  When you order, use the code POLARBELLE20 and save 20%!

The glitter pigment at the bottom of the picture is in the pinky color Stratus.  It's nothing short of impressive, incredible and remarkable.  It has a creamy consistency and isn't typically what you'd think of as something that is called glitter.  Glitter chucks don't fall's really unique.  The texture is a creamy powder packed with a shine that you just can't beat.  It does have glitter particles but they meld perfectly in the formula, rather than as separate pieces.  The glitter pigments can be used wet or dry; with a finger or brush.

From the Bodyography website: One of a kind eye shadow technology incorporating the saturation of a loose pigment, the cushion of a cream and the silkiness of a powder, all with a beautiful high glitter and pearl finish.

I just can't adequately explain how beautiful and metallic it is with multi-dimensional color.  I definitely want to get more of these.  I've applied Stratus on Snapchat numerous times to show how it's just such a surprising product.  I hope you've seen it.   It will be in my Products of the Year for 2017, I can already tell you that.

Here are a couple of colors I saw in the display at Cosmoprof North America.   They also have some incredible colors coming out soon.

Cosmoprof North America

The second product I received was the lip plumping gloss Lip Vapour in the color Tango.  Lip Vapours are a non-irritating lightly plumping gloss which use the body's natural hydration to help plump lips.  Tango is a peachy nude with very light gold shimmer.  I love to wear it over nude liquid lipsticks.  I wear this sometimes as a gloss alone, and it's quite sheer but I really love to wear it over a nude lip.

During our meeting at Cosmoprof NA, Lori showed me a lot of products from Bodyography, which I learned is a family business under Robanda International that her grandfather started.  That's really cool.  All Bodyography products are made in the USA.  They are certified cruelty-free by PETA and are vegan, gluten free and paraben free.

One of the new products they have coming out is Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick, (2.5 ml / $19).  They come in ultra matte or metallic finishes.  Lip Lava has 6x the pigment that other liquid lipsticks have.  Lori gifted one to me and I found it so amazing that I wore it for both of the next two days of the show.  They are very lightweight and comfortable and perfect for anyone but especially those who find other liquid lipsticks to be drying.  It wears all day through multiple meals for me.  The color I was given is Rose Moon, a beautiful metallic plum.

I also wanted to show you some of the things I saw and learned about in their booth.  First is this awesome two-bulb foiled umbrella light.  This is just outstanding when I think about how great it would be for blog photography.  I can't find it on their website but it retails for $178 and has LED daylight bulbs and a carrying case.  I love that the underside of the umbrella is reflective.  I can imagine it with my blog photography as well as ultilizing it while I film youtube.

There is a cool professional makeup case that comes with pocket bags, (like zuca bags), inside and a few pockets on the outside.  I wish I'd had this when I was doing some makeup artistry.  I wish I had it in my vanity area now!!  It would have been the perfect item for me to pack to go to Cosmoprof North America this past week!! (My smaller bag couldn't hold all the product I put in it and it broke on the way up to Vegas.)  The price for this beautiful bag $299.99.

Something I've wanted for a long time that, ironically, I had ordered from another company but never received, is a metal mixing palette and mixing tool set.  It brings me joy, as an artist, to look at it's creative potential.

There are many beautiful makeup items to choose from, including the popular hydrating primer, which hydrates while controling oil and shine.

Color correcting primers.

Ready, Set Go hydrating setting spray is formulated with ylang ylang and is their most successful launch of 2016.

Beautiful shadows


Lip products.

Here I am clowning around, showing you the glitter pigment and lip lava in use.

You'll find more items to browse on their website. When you order, use the code POLARBELLE20 and save 20%, (not an affiliate code).   Use the Bodyography map to find where products are sold in store or order from their website online.  Learn more about the brand by following them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Found At Cosmoprof North America - Quick Temporary Hair Color Change With COLORSMASH

Guys!!!  I just returned home from Cosmoprof North America 2017, the 15th annual show, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.  This year was bigger and better than ever.   Attendees and exhibitors were both up by 9%; 36,787 and 1278 respectively.  I thought 2016 was huge but 2017 covered 4% more area!  There is no way to make it around the whole show and chat with everyone, and while we try to choose wisely, we always end up missing some of our favorites when we run out of time.  Our plan is generally to be sure to cover the specialty sections such as Discover Beauty, Discover Green, Tones Of Beauty and then to try and hit the larger areas as time permits.

One of the booths we were fortunate to visit in 2016 was ColorSmash, a new innovative colored hair spray.  I made this video awhile ago but felt it appropriate to share now with Cosmoprof NA having just wrapped up.  You'll see how to use it in the video.  It is intense color pigment infused into hair spray which allows you to use temporary color in a safe way.  It washes completely out from my hair in the first washing.  It's an excellent way to have fun at parties and events while still maintaining your school or job's hair requirements.  Have a look.

Last week while at Cosmoprof, I didn't see ColorSmash on the exhibitor list and found out, once I got home, that they had indeed attended.  I was happy to find out they were there but sad we'd missed them.  We had a great visit last year.

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, I DID see Elvis!!!!  He wasn't in the house, but he was waiting under the Vegas sign on the strip with Viva Las Vegas blaring from his suit.  He asked me if I wanted a picture but I giggled so hard, I couldn't even reply and ran like a dope to the car.  I drew a blue line under him in the following picture so you could see.

I have a lot of coverage coming from this year on all my social media as well as youtube, so just keep tuning in and see what fun things we discovered while at Cosmoprof North America.  Follow ColorSmash on youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is there anything you're look to hear about most from Cosmoprof North America?  What are you hoping to see?