Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Ombre' Contrast Eyeshadow Duo Swatches, Pictures and Review

Released as part of the Chanel Summer 2012 collection, the Sable-Emouvant Ombre' Contrast Eyeshadow Duo is pictured so beautifully on the Nordstrom webpage that I almost feel a little silly showing you my own pictures and swatches.  What is a beauty blog for if not homemade pictures and swatches, so let's continue, shall we?

Pictured with the brush and the sponge tip in the container, with flash, this is what you see when you open the package.

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo

Remove the plastic and brushes and you have this duo, a mid-toned brown with micro-sized red shimmers and a golden beige, with microscopic shimmer particles.

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo

Swatching the products reveals the shimmers lurking within that give the colors added dimension and interest on the eye. You'll find that the brown actually has hints of coppery shine to it. Also, Chanel eyeshadows are formulated so that you can use them wet for intensifying the color, if you wish, or dry for a softer look.

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo Swatch

You can see that the beige just about matches my skintone. My eyelids, however, are much redder than the rest of my skin and I have applied the shadows over a base. I wet the beige a little at the center of my eye to intensify the color over the iris, but the flash of the camera pretty much washes out the color. Oh just take my word, it was fabulous, lol.

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo

I used the colors as-is, with no other liner but the shadow itself so that you could see the colors. I have bigger than normal pictures because I want you to see my cheekbone. The deeper color that you see is the Soleil de Tan Chanel Bronzing Powder Sable Rose.  It's important that you see what it looks like on because I haven't blogged it yet.  :)

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Eyeshadow Duo

The overall look was with my Dior Diorshow Brow Styler, the Chanel Sable Rose Bronzer where you see the dip in the cheekbone, Diorskin Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder Bronzer in Sunlight at the top of the cheekbone, Nars Moscow Matte Lipstick with a little Chanel En Vogue Coco Shine thrown over the Nars just for a little bit of shine.

Chanel Sable-Emouvant Duo Nars Moscow

Chanel Ombre'Contrast Eyeshadow Duos retail for $42 and you'll find them wherever Chanel is sold, including the brand's own website. I purchased mine at Nordstrom.

Which items have you tried so far from the Chanel Summer 2012 Collection? Is there one must-have item for you in this collection? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Very pretty duo!
    I haven´t tried anything from Chanel, because they are bit out of my pricerange at the moment :(

  2. This is so gorgeous. I wanted it but couldn't justify it with all of the quads of Chanel neutrals that live here already lol Though... I don't have ANY duos!


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