Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watch My Teeth Get Whiter With Smile Brilliant LED System - It's So Easy!!

Who doesn't want whiter teeth? Have you ever thought about teeth whitening as perhaps something you might want to try? I know I have. I wouldn't say I have yellow teeth, but I took pictures next to a white piece of paper and I was pretty shocked, honestly HORRIFIED! I wanted to see whitened teeth by a certain date and when I had the opportunity to try the Brilliantly Simple Package featuring LED light and pen, I lept at the chance, teeth first!!  I tried some bleach from the dentist's office in the recent past and it burned the heck out of my gums, so I wasn't anxious to try it again.

The package from Smile Brilliant came in a nice box housing all the products needed for this process.


There is a pen that holds the bleaching agent. It's a click style pen, much like so many lipglosses, which makes it easy to use. Click the bleach up and brush it across each tooth. This mechanism is meant to work on the front visible teeth. If you want to bleach the molars, there are other systems available where Smile Brilliant will custom make a set of trays for you and you wear the bleach in them....but more about the LED system...


Once you have the teeth whitening gel in place, put in the mouthpiece that comes in the set. If you wear retainers or invisalign, you can wear those in place of the mouthpiece.

Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant

The brilliance of the Brilliant system is the LED light. It is SO easy to use. You place it in your mouth in front of the rubber mouthpiece and turn it on for just twenty minutes a day. Easy peasy!! Wear it while watching your favorite sit-com or during your daily scroll through Facebook. It just couldn't be easier.

This is what the light looks like from the top:


And this is the side the goes in the mouth:


Here's some fabulous pictures of me using the light. Can you see the white button on the bottom? That's the on/off switch.

Smile  Brilliant

Smile Bright

It's comfortable and easy to use. I have before and after pictures. I also did some traveling while using this system. In order to show the difference, I took the pictures in the same location during the same time of day. The pictures show my usage of one week. I plan to do another week and bring you those pictures, but I really wanted to show you the difference in the same picture location. I have plenty of whitening gel left for another week or two. I'll let you know how long it lasts as I find out.

Ok, here we go...(bear in mind, those weird things jutting out from my teeth are Invisalign buttons...before:

smile brilliant
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I had a bit of yellowing, especially at the gum line of the teeth. That comes from drinking colas, teas, coffees, and just general living. I scrub extra hard in those areas, but they still yellow as time goes on.

And after ONE week of use, (different piece of paper used), and you can see the yellowing on the gum side of the teeth is gone:

Smile Bright

oooooooh, those 20 minutes a day were SOOOO worth it!!! This system is really brilliant to achieve whitened teeth. I'm pleased with the results I have from just one week. I think I'll be sparkling after 7 more days!

Smile Brilliant guarantees this system or your money back! It uses 4ml of a 35% professional bleaching agent, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on replacement of the tray. This system is currently on sale for just $39.95. That's a great price!!

Smile Brilliant system was provided for testing by PR. All results are unretouched photos and all opinions are my own. This post contains an affilliate link.


  1. that's a remarkable change! my coffee-drinking habit is the culprit to my teeth stains.is this peroxide-based?

    1. Hi Kath, the active ingredient is carbamide peroxide. This gel doesn't taste like peroxide or like the stuff I used from the dentist. It also doesn't bubble like the stuff I got at the dentist office.


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