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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New From Algenist: Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer With Alguronic Acid. You Need This!

If I told you there was a product that worked as a primer while also immediately decreasing the look of your fine lines and wrinkles while it worked over time to decrease the deep wrinkles, would you believe me? It's ok, I wouldn't believe me either but I've tried a product that makes these claims and delivers.   Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer is a lightweight gel that utilizes a breakthrough ingredient called Alguronic Acid.  I would encourage you to view their website to get all the technical information but I'll tell you in the best way I can.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

The Deep Wrinkle Minimizer is in a tube with a push pump. It delivers a small amount of the gel and you can pump out as many beads of gel as you need. This is a very efficient system of skincare delivery. It also protects the product from UV rays and air that attack jars of skincare when you open them. That bugs me when I feel like expensive delicate products break down when exposing the whole open jar to light and who-knows-what that's in the air. This tube is a clean and safe way to supply skin care. Love it!!

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

It contains 15 ml of product and is about the size of a large marker. You can see it's about the length of my hand. Apply your other skincare and afterward, use a little of this to smooth in those targeted areas that you need help; forehead, eyes, around the mouth in the direction of the wrinkle. Let it dry 90 seconds and apply makeup as usual. I've been using it about a month and I've seen positive results. I can't say what percentage of decrease of wrinkles I see because I'm not a scientist, but I can tell you that this product has delivered on it's promises.

Algenist Targeted Wrinkle Minimizer

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

I want to show you the ingredients from the website itself:

1. Alguronic Acid Filling Spheres: Increase cell regeneration and elastin synthesis
2. Double Peptide complex: Smoothes wrinkles and firms the skin
3. Soy protein: Increases skin density and reduces wrinkles
4. Echinacea: Smoothes skin texture and decreases wrinkles
5. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), Vitamin C and E: Decrease fine lines and wrinkles, stimulate collagen production and provide antioxidant protection

This product is not tested on animals, it's safe for all skin types, hypoallergenic and has been tested by dermatologists. There's a lot of research that has gone into this product.

Algenist Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

Alguronic Acid has been shown to provide significant protection from UV cell damage and DNA damage. It was found in a specific strain of microalgae and Alguronic Acid is a trademarked name for this specific compound. It promotes skin regeneration which helps repair those deep wrinkles. I would urge you to check the links to the website that give you more information.

The bottom line is that this is working for me. I've seen a decrease in the lines and wrinkles that I hate the most and it feels nice putting it on my skin. I look forward to it. You can use it twice a day which I would encourage you to do. The 15 ml size of this item can be purchased on the Algenist website or at QVC or Sephora for $45.  

I really feel that anything which helps turn back the damage my skin has encountered during life is a true bargain.   There's just so much information in the development of this product that you really should read up on it.  Please visit the Algenist website for more information.

(Links are provided for your ease and are not affiliate links.  Product was provided by the company for testing.)



  1. Wow that is impressive! I don't hear about these types of products working so well very often!

    1. A lot of things that makes these claims don't really work but this one does. And the science behind it has been thoroughly tested; they're not just throwing speculative stats out there. And I'm really happy that it works. :)

  2. I'm testing this out too and it's great. I think the Algenist line has a lot to explore. Your pictures are great Polarbelle, I wish mine were this good.

    1. Thank you, Marcia! Isn't it wonderful? Today Sephora has a sample of another of their products. I really want to try it. I think this line is a winner!

  3. Thank you for great review. I'm wondering if this would work on filling in scars as well thoughts?

  4. That is a great question. I'm contacting the company to see if they have data on this and going to test it myself. A wrinkle is a lack of collagen and scar tissue is a different formation. Some items that work on wrinkles also work on scars. I'll let u know what they have to say and test it in the meantime.


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