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Sunday, August 19, 2012

NYX Cosmetics Be Free Palette Swatches And Review

NYX Be Free Palette

If you're out shopping and you see the NYX Cosmetics Be Free Palette, just buy it.  Right away.  Trust me on this, it's a great palette, cruelty free, and is a total steal at just $20.  Fully mirrored top, people!!!!!

I've been using the palette for a couple of weeks now and I'm really impressed with the pigmentation and wear of the products.  I've even given them the nap test and wake up with no fading, no smearing and no creasing.  This palette will take you from day to evening, weekday to vacation, and any kind of event in between.  It's got everything that you need to create the look you want.

I first brought you some pictures in this post that you might wish to review.  I took the pictures from the above the top lengthwise, so they're kind of sideways the way they're laid out.  Today I'm going to cover this from top to'll see what I mean in a minute.  Here is an overview of the full palette, with a hint of the mirror peeking at the top.


We're going to look at the eye shadows first. The following is a picture in natural lighting with no flash. Have I mentioned that these shadows DO NOT CREASE?


They wear ALL DAY for me. They apply well and stay put. I've even used them to line the inner lower lid and the shadow stays there!! You know that's a cosmetic miracle!! The pigmentation is excellent in these shadows. They are on par with more expensive brands but at a fraction of the price. I couldn't possibly emphasize enough that they are fantastic shadows, non-creasing, long wearing, everything you could ever want in an eyeshadow if you were designing them yourself.

Here's a photo of the shadow portion of the palette with flash:


We're going to look at swatches, done with sponge applicators, starting from the top row down to the bottom, so that you can see the colors.

Top Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Top Row

Second Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Row 2

Third Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Middle Row

Fourth Row:

NYX Be Free Palette Row 4

And, the bottom row of the eyeshadows:

NYX Be Free Palette Bottom Row

Looking at the palette, it seems visually like there's quite a few similar taupes and lights. I swatched them all together so you could see the differences. I have two pictures because they each show emphasis on different colors with the light hitting different areas.

NYX Be Free Palette taupe comparisons

NYX Be Free Taupe Comparisons

You'll recall from my previous post that there are blushes and lipcolors that slide out from under the eyeshadows, along with three types of applicators.


Would you be surprised if I said I swatched those, too? Again, two pictures because the flash was hitting different areas and trying to wash out colors. The blushes are long wearing on me. They apply easily and there's no chalkiness. The colors are three colors that will work for anyone, I'm convinced. The tones are just perfect and you can mix them together if you want a pinky-peach or a plummy-pink.

In the first picture, it shows the pink on the left more accurately than in the other picture but doesn't show the peach as well as in the second picture.

NYX Be Free Palette Blushes

NYX Be Free Palette blushes

I'm not normally a lip palette fan. I love the application of a lipstick, just wiping it on, sashaying to and fro, so I didn't have high hopes for the accompanying lipsticks, just based on personal preference. However, the lipsticks in this palette are really decent. They wear forever. Not kidding, I wore them and they lasted thru eating and's like they wore down to a stain which kept color on my lips a lot longer than most lipsticks I wear. That was a complete surprise. They're also easy to mix and match.

NYX Be Free Palette

And lastly, we have a couple of looks I did with the palette. The only other items I used were foundation, bronzer and mascara. Everything else was the palette. I wanted to test it to see if it could stand up as a single item that could meet all your needs, so I tested it as such.

Going out of my usual application mode, I tried a little more color:

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

And here's a look I did where I was lusting after a Dior palette and thought I could probably recreate the look with the Be Free palette. Success!! I don't need that Dior palette after all.

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

NYX Be Free Palette

25 eyeshadows, three blushes, 7 lipcolors, three applicators and a large mirror all for $20. Really? Really!!! And the shadows can be used wet or dry!!! You can find this wherever NYX is sold. Unfortunately for my Alaskan peeps, it's not available locally YET but we've got our fingers crossed! Get your out of state friends to run to Ulta and pick it up!

I want you to know that this palette was provided to me by PR for evaluation. Everything I have told you is my own honest opinion. I really do love this palette and I'm sure that it could be the only shadows you'd need on a month long vacation. The pigmentation is superb and the wear is exceptional. It's a must have and THAT is my honest opinion!

For those of you in other areas of the country and world, where do you purchase NYX?


  1. I have this palette too and it is ALL that! I adore the blush shades too.

  2. Great Review! Crystal Clear Pics! Totally love your blog. The NYX Be Free Pallette colours looks really good


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