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Cult Nails Doppleganger, Alter Ego, and Deception Nail Polish Swatches and Manicure

You might remember when I previously introduced you to the Deceptive Collection from Cult Nails.  There are five really fun color changing nail polishes that look completely different on the nail than they do in the bottle and really are quite deceiving.

Cult Nails, Deceptive Collection, nail polish

So what I wanted to do for a manicure one day was use Doppleganger, the color that looks white in the bottle but actually comes out as a blue tint, on four nails and another on as an accent nail.
In the following swatch wheel picture, Doppleganger is on the far left.


Cult Nails, Deceptive Collection, nail polish, swatches

I thought it would be super awesome to have the olive green, Alter Ego, as an accent nail. Good idea, right? Those two colors would set each other off well. Here's Alter Ego in the bottle. You would never suspect it of being an olive toned overcoat.

Cult Nails, Alter Ego, Nail Polish, Deceptive Collection

So I started with a base coat of Nevermore.  I can't emphasize this enough...all black nail polishes are NOT the same.  When you use Nevermore, you'll never use another black polish again.  It's rich, it's decadent and it applies perfectly.  It's truly an amazing polish and there's no other pure black that looks as beautiful, nor as shiny, nor as rich as Nevermore.   For something that seems so simple, it's just really impressive.  Trust me and just get it.  You won't regret it.

Anyway, I used one coat over Nevermore and put a coat of Doppleganger over the top of four nails, leaving the ring nail open to be my accent.  And here's where the plan diverts.  I grabbed Deception by accident.  Deception looks peachy in the bottle, but is a purple over coat.

Cult Nails, Deception, Nail Polish

And then I freaked out and put Alter Ego over the top anyway. And I got something great. The two combined to a taupe toned plum that I really really liked. My huband even commented on what a great color of accent nail and...wait for it....asked what it was. What? My husband, really? Umm hmm, so I told him what I did by accident and we agreed about how much we liked it.

And thus, the manicure looks like this:

Cult Nails, Doppleganger, Alter Ego, Deception Swatches, nail polish

I have to say people noticed my mani and wanted to know what I was wearing.

Cult Nails, Doppleganger, Alter Ego, Deception, Swatches, Nail polish

Any of the colors in the Deception Collection will make a great top coat. You really don't need an additional  clear top coat over these colors, but of course, you can use one if you want. I love Maria's polishes. They are so strong that they wear really long without chipping or any of those less desirable polish traits. 

The nail lacquers  in the Deceptive Collection are all limited edition colors.  Nevermore is a new color to the regular line.  I just love the plummy-taupey-ness that I got from combining the two top coats.  There were all kinds of little shimmers that you could see in real life.  I had so much fun with this.

What are some of your happy nail accidents that you ended up loving?  I bet you all have some great stories!

(All nail lacquers pictured were a gift to me from Cult Nails with no requests or expectations.  All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.  Please see my disclosure for more info.)


  1. So often the best creations are made by way of accidents.. lol. Very pretty indeed. :]

    1. I love the consistency of Cult Nails polishes. They're so smooth! I can't wait to try more color combos,


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