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Monday, October 15, 2012

Chanel Seduisant Lipstick Swatches, Pics and Review

It's time to fight like a girl and fight to win!!  Today we're going to do it wearing Chanel Seduisant lipstick.  I'm dedicating this post to my friend Ruth.  She was in her early 30s when she was stricken with breast cancer.  Her husband wasn't a real supportive kind of person and was challenged with a lot of tough issues stemming from poor life choices.  Half way through Ruth's first round of chemo, he decided he wanted to move to a more remote area of the state.  She had a tough decision to make and I begged her not to quit chemo...let him go, follow him later, but don't quit chemo half-way thru.  She stopped in the middle of a gruesome chemical treatment that changes everything in your body as it tries to kill the cancer cells.  He was selfish and demanding and Ruth was just 34 when she died, without him by her side, leaving behind a daughter with a critical illness.  Her fight was something I never want to see anyone have to go through again because it was on many fronts, all of which seemed to exponentially impact the other.

So today I wear the quintessential lipstick brand Chanel.  I'll go top of the line to honor Ruth.  Seduisant is a Rouge Allure formula; the kind that pushes away from the lid when click the mechanism on the bottom.  This is normally my favorite type of Chanel lipstick but I picked up two in this latest release of colors and they both feel a bit dry.  Boo.

Chanel, Seduisant, lipstick

Seduisant is described by Chanel as a soft pink. It's a creamy composition with no shimmer, but like I mentioned before, it feels drying when I wear it. I have to exfoliate well before using this particular group of lipsticks, which is really unusual to my previous experience with Rouge Allure lipsticks.

Chanel, Seduisant, lipstick, swatch

It's a nice natural color that is easy to wear. I love how it looks; I just don't love how it feels.

Chanel Seduisant lipstick swatch

Like all Rouge Allure lipsticks, there is no scent or flavor to this one. Ain't she pretty?

Chanel Seduisant lipstck

Here's a card they gave me that shows the color range of the new releases. This will come in handy if I decide I want to try anymore. I also purchased Extatique, which has very strong blue irridescence.

Chanel rouge allure swatches, Le Rouge Allure

Have you tried any of these new Rouge Allure lipsticks? Do you find them drying? What are your favorite of the colors?


  1. Wow! I so love the color. It looks light and natural on lips. i want to grab one of this and try it out. I usually prefer this kind of color for my everyday wear.

    1. I really like natural pinks, whether they're midtone like this, bright or light, I like them to have some natural to them.


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