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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

China Glaze Holiday Joy Nail Polish Collection Swatches and Review

ChinaGlazeHolidayJoySwatches-2 Way back in July, while at Cosmoprof 2012, I was able to view many collections from China Glaze. I had to hold back my pictures of the Holiday Joy Collection by request of the company but now that the polishes are on the shelves in stores, I can show you what I saw initially and also which polishes I purchased. I'm so excited!!!

I'm going to show you the company's swatches before I show you my own. They have swatched all the colors, naturally, while I've only swatched the ones I purchased.

China Glaze Holiday Joy Swatches

The next photo, well it's not the best I've ever taken but I wanted to show you how cute the display is with the little puppy. If you notice the ring the model is wearing, it comes in one of the gift sets offered that contains two polishes.

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, Nail Polish

Ok, more swatches!!

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, nail polish, Swatches

China Glaze, nail polish,  Holiday Joy, Swatches

Angel Wings, Champagne Kisses, Glistening Snow, and Winter Holly all have sparkling micro-particles and scattered holographic particles in them. Those four are also what I'd call matte glitters. They don't shine without the addition of a top coat, but they sparkle like crazy both with and without top coats. I found these glitters to apply very smoothly and uniformly with each coat drying rapidly, allowing for application of two or three coats to be complete very quickly.

The following picture shows Angel Wings, Champagne Kisses, Glistening Snow and Winter Holly from left to right.

China Glaze, nail polish,  Holiday Joy Collection

From left to right, using Seche Vite as a shiny top coat, the following picture shows Angel Wings, Champagne Kisses and Glistening Snow.

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, glitter, nail polish, Collection

I have a few quick bottle shots for you of Champagne Kisses, Glistening Snow and Winter Holly. I am wearing just two coats of Winter Holly on my nails and most pictures have Seche Vite over the top.

China Glaze, nail polish, Champagne Kisses, Winter Holly, swatch

China Glaze, Glistening Snow, Nail Polish,glitter, Winter holly, swatch

China Glaze Winter Holly Nail Polish, swatch

Now for the other four polishes that I purchased. From left to right, we have Pizzaz, Blue Bells Ring, Glitter All The Way and Pure Joy.

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, Nail Polish, glitter, collection

The glitters in this group pictured have larger glitter particles that give so much shine, I found my swatches difficult to photograph. Pizzaz is multi-colored glitter in a clear base but the majority of the glitter is silver and it reflects so much flash with each photograph that it was like trying to take a picture of a ghost. All I could get is pure flash reflection but none of the essence of the nature of the glitter. You can see the colors better in bottle shots.

First we have Pizzaz. In addition to silver, you'll find pink, teal, gold, green, seems that the colors are endless. On my personal swatch wheel, I got great coverage with just two coats.

China Glaze Pizzaz Nail Polish

China Glaze Pizzaz

Glitter All The Way has a very unique combination of glitter colors. It contains purple, gold, red and green of varying sizes in a clear base. It's a wonder to look at. Again, it gave me nice coverage with two coats.

China Glaze Glitter All The Way

China Glaze Glitter All The Way

China Glaze, Pizzaz, Glitter All The Way, nail polish, Swatches

Blue Bells Ring is a nice royal blue foil. It gave such great coverage with one coat! But I'm a habitual two coater, so I did two coats anyway. Check it out on my swatch wheel. It's a great blue.

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, nail polish, Swatches

China Glaze, Holiday Joy, Blue Bells Ring nail polish

And now, for my final purchase, we have Pure Joy. I used three coats in the swatch wheel for complete coverage. Pure Joy is a beautiful classic Christmas red glitter with gold glitter throughout in a clear base.

China Glaze Pure Joy Nail Polish

I happened to see a holiday Loreal display and I picked up the red polish called Fancy Me to compare it to Pure Joy. Fancy Me is also a red and gold glitter. However, these are not dupes. Fancy Me, (on the left), is more of a cherry red in a light red base and has fewer gold glitters than Pure Joy. It is also three coats in the nail swatch. I prefer Pure Joy, both in look and in application.

China Glaze,  Pure Joy,  Loreal Fancy Me, glitter nail polish, swatches

Loreal Fancy Me China Glaze Pure Joy

The Holiday Joy collection should be on shelves now wherever China Glaze is sold in your area. These are my picks from the collection. I just couldn't choose which red I liked on my first trip to the store, so I stuck with the glitter. Which colors are you drawn to? Are any a "must have" or a "must pass" for you? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the nice gift sets China Glaze always puts out with their holiday collections.


  1. Oh these are lovely! Great post Polarbelle!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments. <3

  2. Love glitter all the way I don't think I have a glitter like that!

    1. The whole collection is so incredible. I'm sure I'll end up witha red or two when I go back with more time to look. The glitters are all amazing!

  3. Glitter All the Way looks amazing. Pizzazz would be my next choice, since it's very similar. Love those two!! Winter Holly also looks gorgeous on your nails. Really great photos!! xo

    1. Thanks!! The longer I wore Winter Holly, the more I fell in love with its golden and green holographic glitter bits. It was mesmerizing, especially in sunlight, but even in home lighting. Really fab!


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