Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fight Like A Girl!!! Breast Cancer Awareness Nail Art Manicure

It's October!!!  I have a manicure featuring some nail art that is an homage to the monthly theme of breast cancer awareness and the call to Fight Like A Girl - Fight To Win!!!

But first, I want to tell you about my friend Becky. Becky is everything...a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter, an aunt, a grandma, a sister, a singer, a mentor and more. I decided to honor Becky today because this manicure reminds me of her somewhat. It grabs your attention on the edges and is delicately soft on the inside. Becky was afflicted with breast cancer and she hit it head on. Her battle wasn't easy. There were definite ups and downs, and sometimes it was really really scary. The disease runs in her family all down the female line but that didn't discourage Becky from doing everything she could to beat it. She has an amazing testimony and once she got to the other side, Becky decided to go back to school and become a nurse to be able to give back and help others who face such scary physical afflictions. She's an inspiration.

Let me show you the nail polishes I used today. They are, from left to right, Cocoche Blueberry, Opi Nikki Minaj Pink Friday, Essie Raise Awareness and Essie Luxeffects A Cut Above.

4 Nail Polishes to Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer Awareness, Nail Art, manicure

I wanted to do an accent nail on the ring finger, so I used three coats of Essie Raise Awareness, part of the selection of BCA nail polishes from last year. I'm not sure if this one is part of this year's collection or not. I've seen the display and fondled most of them, but haven't checked the actual color names. The other three fingers and thumb have two coats of OPI Pink Friday.

Fight Like A Gir,l Breast Cancer, Manicure, Nail Polish, nail art

On the accent nail, I used the Cocoche Blueberry and a 5/0 nylon art brush with a 1/4" tip to draw a ribbon. I attached a nail jewel where the ribbon crosses. The tips of the other finger and thumb have two coats of the sparkling Essie A Cut Above.

Here's all the items together that I used for this nail art manicure.

Fight Like A Girl,  Breast Cancer Awareness, supplies, nail art,  Nail Polishes

You see that pink stick looking thing on the bottom right? That's a nifty item I found at Sally's that is really useful for picking up the crystal stones and sticks them right where you want them. Pick up a stone and put it down on top of a coat of topcoat. Once that dries, put another top coat over that. It really is So Easy, lol.

Fight Like A Gir,l Breast Cancer Manicure, nail art, pink

And there ya go, today's nail art manicure. Stay tuned for the Thirty Days Of Awareness blogger blog hop. The icon will be added later today. Thanks!!

Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer, Nail Polish, nail Art

Please visit the attached links on the blogger BCA Blog Hop for 30 Days of Pink.

Fight Like A Girl, Breast Cancer, Nail Art, nail polish, BCA manicure

So my nails are getting so long I can't hardly type on my ipad. I'm thinking it's time to cut, but I usually end up too short. LOL!!! What do you do when your nails get too long?

(The Cocoche nail polish was supplied by PR. Everything else paid for with my husband's hard earned cash.)


  1. This is so pretty and feminine! It suits you : )

    Great job! This is making me crave some pink on my nails right now.

    1. Thank you very much. I really like it but I think it looks better in person than in huge blog sized pictures. :)

  2. Lovely! I LOVE the Essie color, I'll have to go find that one.

    1. I'm going to stalk their display. There's a couple of colors I can't get out of my mind.

  3. What a beautiful manicure! <3

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I painted it upside down so when I put my hand out, it would be right side up. I guess painting in a curve isn't easy ever tho, lol

  5. Really cute! I love the gem on the ribbon. :)

    1. Thank you. I think it draws more attention to the Awareness TI Bon, which is what you really want people to see.

    2. That was supposed to say Awareness Ribbon I swear you have to watch these smart phones all the time!!'


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