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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mac Marilyn Monroe Eyeshadow Swatches, Pics!!

With out too much doubt, the Mac Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe Collection was the quickest sell-out Mac has ever produced. All the websites carrying it sold out within short hours of launching the products. My own Nordstrom counter at my store had a line outside the door waiting for the opening....and that hasn't happened with any other collection. And without further adieu, let me show you Mac Marilyn Monroe eyeshadows in How To Marry, Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen and Showgirl.

Mac Cosmetics, Mac Marilyn Eyeshadow

Even the boxes in this collection are fabulous. They all show different poses of Marilyn, making each type of item a unique collectible within the whole collection. On the inside of each box is a kiss in a Marilyn inspired red. This is a total danger zone for all Marilyn Monroe collectors as well as people who hoard exceptional advertising packaging.

You know how to whistle don't you? Just put your lips together and blow.

Mac Marilyn Monroe Box

Exquistely thought out packaging all throughout the collection. Totally. Here's a picture of the outer lid of the eyeshadows. It matches the eyeshadow boxes.

Mac, Marilyn Monroe, eyeshadow

The lightest of the eyeshadows is How To Marry. All of the eyeshadows in the collection are veluxe pearl formulas, although they seem to be close to lustre shadows in a finger swatch, they apply with the beautiful smooth texture of the veluxe pearl formula. How To Marry is a soft white, ideal for a highlighting shade at the brow or inner corners of the eye.

Mac eyeshadow, Marilyn Monroe, How To Marry

The next shade is Preferred Blonde. This will be a wonderful highlight for so many shadow looks. It's a pale golden beige. I can't live without my Mac Goldbit for highlighting, so I think Preferred Blonde will be a wonderful shade for me.

Mac,  Marilyn Monroe, Preferred Blonde, Eyeshadow

This shade was really difficult for me to capture on my camera at this time of year, so I have another picture to show you.

Mac Marilyn Monroe, Preferred Blonde, eyeshadow

Our next shade to play with is a light silver aptly named Silver Screen.

Mac , Marilyn Monroe, Silver Screen, Eyeshadow

And finally, the deepest shade is Showgirl. It's a darker blue toned gunmetal grey in color. All the shadows are Mac large eyeshadow size and retail for $21 USD.

Mac, Marilyn Monroe, Showgirl, Eyeshadow

I read a review where someone said all the shades are the same. That's not really going to be your experience but it also depends on your skintone. How To Marry is definitely a white on me, Preferred Blonde is definitely golden, Silver Screen is a light silver and Showgirl is a blue-grey. My advice is don't try to wear them all together. I think that's a big mistake. It just blends them all together and you lose the flavor of each color. Appreciate them for who they are and pick one or two to use in a look.

Here's a picture that shows the distinct difference in color, while in the pot, of How To Marry and Preferred Blonde.

Mac Marilyn Monroe Eyeshadows

And now for swatches. I'll agree that in a picture, the shades look similar, but they don't look the same. In real life, it is easier to see the differences. If you can only get one of the lighter colors, pick the one that favors your skin tone, lean toward white, gold or silver.

The colors are, left to right, How To Marry, Preferred Blonde, Silver Screen and Showgirl.

Mac, Mac Cosmetics,  Marilyn Monroe, Eyeshadow, Swatches

And a second picture cuz, well, why's Marilyn!! She's a beauty icon.

White, gold, silver, grey.

Mac, Marilyn Monroe, Eyeshadow, Swatches

I plan to wear these tomorrow and I can give you an analysis about how they wear. And then, in the future, I'll have the lipsticks, blushes, beauty powder and dazzleglass as well. Tell me which of the items that you're the most excited about. For me, I think it's the dazzleglasses. I'm not sure. I'm really excited to try out these eyeshadows, too!!

(Be sure to check my posts for the other items in the collection. You can find the lipsticks here.)


  1. Oh I really love the how to marry! They are lighter than I thought they would be though. Do let me know how they wear! :D

    1. They apply like buttah, they are so smooth


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