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Anastasia Beverly Hills Kisses On My List Volume 2 Lipgloss Set Swatches & Review

Anastasia Kisses On My List Lipgloss set, hydrafull lipgloss

Volume 2 of the Anastasia Kisses On My List Hydrafull lipgloss set is an absolute winner!! These glosses quickly became my favorite from the very first try. I've carried 2 or 3 with me every day since I received them.

Included in the set of six Hydrafull lipglosses are three Hypercolor glosses. Hypercolor means that the pigment reacts to your own body chemistry and creates a unique color for you. All three of the pink glosses are the Hypercolor formulation. From left to right, the colors are Moi, Maggie Mae, Sharonna, Jolene, Roxanne and Lola.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss,hyperfull

They are pictured in the same order in the swatch photo below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, hyperfull

I want to tell you a little bit about them before I tell you why I love these glosses so much. When I pulled the wand out of the first tube, I thought it was your average doefoot applicator until I used it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Hyperfull Lipgloss, swatches

The applicator felt a little different in applying the glosses, which have a basic consistency of any Mac lipgloss, tho not quite as sticky. I wasn't sure at first what the difference was, so I took a good look at the wand. It's a silicon paddle shaped applicator!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches

At first, I wasn't sure I could manipulate this on my lips, but I really found it to apply the glosses well. I think I was initially thrown by the applicator being different but different doesn't mean bad. I've learned something!!

Here is Maggie Mae, which is in the running for my top personal favorite gloss from this set. I love love love the nude colors the most but the pinks also look great, I just have to be a little more careful applying them.

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Maggie Mae

I find these glosses to be very moisturizing. They wear well and have great shine. They're pretty much perfect with everything. The theme of the collection is a nod to 1970's rock so you'll find yourself humming the accompanying theme song with each lipgloss you use. Well, I do anyway...



I can't show you a picture of Sharonna since I didn't realize I didn't take one until I started writing up this post. And I can't take one now because this is a limited edition set and I want you to hurry and purchase this before it sells out!!! Instead, I want to show you the back of the box. Noteworthy all on it's own, it gives you a feel for the statement of the glosses. (m-m-m-m-my-yi-yi-yi-yi Woo!! just happens!)


The Hypercolor lipglosses were a surprise to me. They self-adjust to your own body chemistry so that the color you see in the tube isn't necessarily the exact same that your lips will display. After about five minutes, they deepen a bit, too, and leave a nice flush of color on your lips.

Swatches of Roxanne, (only one of the best songs ever, also a wonderful lipgloss).

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lipgloss, swatches, Roxanne, Hydrafull lipgloss

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joleeeeeeene....

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene Lipgloss, hydrafull,  swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Jolene, Hydrafull, Lipgloss, swatches

And L-o-l-a Lola!

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kisses On My List, Lola, hydrafull,Lipgloss, swatches

The full set of six lipglosses retails for $30...just $5 a gloss!!! You can purchase them, if you hurry, at Nordstrom, Anastasia's own website, Sephora, Dillard's and other fine department stores.  It's important to note that Anastasia Beverly Hills is a cruelty-free company.

I love this set.  Go get them while you can!!  I want to take a minute to wish everyone a Happy New Year.  One thing I'm excited about for this year is I'm finishing up Invisalign this week and will get those danged buttons removed from my teeth...finally!!!  No more funky lip swatches!!  What are you looking forward to in 2013?

(The lipgloss set was provided by PR for evaluation.  This in no way influences my opinion of them; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  This post contains an affiliate link.  Please see my Disclosure policies for more information.)

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  1. The pink ones are my favorites. I love that these are named after musical girls <3


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