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Sation Happy Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish Overview and Swatches Featuring Feliz Navi-doll and Holiday Spirit

If you read my blog regularly, you know I can get a little picture happy so while I have several nail polishes to show you from the new Sation Holiday Go Lightly Collection, I have to break it up into several posts because I have so many pictures to show you.  First, let's look at some of the nail polishes from the collection.

From left to right, they are Feliz Navi-doll, Holiday Golightly, I Love Yule, and Under The Miss-tletoe.

Sation Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish

The folks at Miss Professional Nail thought I might like to mix and match another couple of nail polishes with these and also sent, in the next picture on the bottom row left and right, Holiday Spirit and Snow White. Great choices!!

Sation Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish

Here's my little Happy Holiday Golightly scene, all set up and ready to go with these beautiful nail polishes.

Sation Happy Holiday Go Lightly nail polishes

The first polish I want to show you today is Feliz Navi-doll. This is a very light grey that has a bit of shimmer. You can see it below with Holiday Golightly on the left. Holiday Golightly is a great polish; a little more complex than what you might think at first glance.

Sation Holiday Go Lightly Feliz Navi-doll nail polish

Sation Feliz Navi-doll Nail Polish

Feliz Navi-doll surprised me a bit when I applied it. The camera, when in macro mode, picks up the shimmer as silver flecks, however to my eye, it just looked a little like a simple shimmer. When I apply it to my fingers, the shimmer lightens up the grey color to look almost white. The shimmer is a little silver and a bit white and looks like the frost as it kisses the snow on a cool winter's night.

The overall color of the polish looks like the snow at the beginning of twilight as the impending darkness casts a light grey sparkle upon it. I have a few swatches done in different lightings. I have a new camera and a new photography setup so I'm learning a bit as I go, and having fun playing along the way. The swatches are done with three very light coats. I felt three was the right number to avoid visible nail lines.

Sation Feliz Navi-doll nail polish swatch

Sation Feliz Navi-doll nail polish swatch

Here it is under regular indoor lighting.

Sation Feliz Navi-doll Nail Polish swatches

One last peek.

Sation Feliz Navi-doll Nail polish swatch

Sation Feliz Navi-doll nail polish swatches

Did you notice the glitter nail polish Holiday Spirit? It is full of holographic glitter particles in different colors. On the left in the following picture is Snow White and Holiday Spirit is on the right.

Sation Holiday Spirit Snow White Nail polish

Sation Holiday Spirit Nail Polish

Sation Holiday Spirit Nail Polish

Holiday Spirit has tiny red, blue and green glitter particles as well as holographic silver and gold glitters so that it shines every color of the rainbow. The glitters are suspended in a slightly darkened base. The pictures of the swatches don't show the Christmas tree effect very well but trust me, this polish just radiates light. It's absolutely smooth when dry.

Holiday Spirit is fascinating over Feliz Navi-doll. The slightly darkened base tint of Holiday Spirit turns Feliz Navi-doll a delicious dusty blue that is a wonderful match for so many of my denims. The glitters just pop and glow with 3D holographic color. It's a really pretty combination.

Sation nail polish swatches

I wish the camera could capture the three dimentional life of the polishes.

Sation Feliz Navi-doll and Holiday Spirit swatches

Sation Feliz Navi-doll and Holiday Spirit swatch nail polish

Super fun. Not even kidding, the light from this polish will poke your eye out from across the room. Have a Happy Holiday Golightly!!! Check back for more swatches.

Sation Feliz Navi-doll Holiday Spirit nail polish swatch

All Sation nail polishes are Big 3 Free. They have a nice pro brush, making them easy to apply smoothly. You can find them on the Miss Professional nail website, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Winner's in Canada.

As a post script, look at the Sation nail polishes I found shopping at Marshall's and TJ Maxx!!!  So exciting.  The unfortunate blue cast on the picture is from some bulbs and a new lightbox set up which didn't quite work.  I took 500 pictures and just couldn't fix the blue.  Such a shame....but lot's of pretties to play with.
Sation nail polish


  1. Only the green one and red scream holiday to me, would be interesting to see swathes of the green one

  2. Among these nail polishes, I super like the Holiday spirit. Like the color and the glitters on it. I find it extraordinary.

    1. I agree. I like that the base isn't completely clear like so many multi-glitters. It gives it more personality.


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