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Sation Under The Miss-tletoe & Holiday GoLightly Nail Polish Swatches and Review

The Sation Holiday Go Lightly collection features six great nail polishes, some of which I've featured previously in blog posts HERE and with some holiday nail art HERE.  The final two colors I have from this collection are going to be featured today.  If you have some after Christmas money that you want to spend, consider picking up these nail lacquers. Both colors are gorgeous and will be a great addition to your nail polish collection.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly,

On the left, is Under The Miss-tletoe, a perfect evergreen with tone on tone matching shimmer. On the right is Holiday Golightly, a light aqua sky with the gentlest of light shimmers inside. Holiday Golightly is a delicious surprise and a most delicate nail polish.

Sation Nail Polish

A very close up shot of the Under The Miss-tletoe nail polish bottle shows the green shimmers lying in the perfect evergreen nail polish.


In the swatch shots, my camera wanted to pull the color more to the blue side of green than it should be, but with a little bit of editing, the swatch photos are as close to accurate as I can get them. It's that beautiful micro-shimmer within the polish that really makes it come alive and differ from your average pine green nail lacquer. This truly is the perfect evergreen polish.

Sation Nail Polish, Under the Mistletoe nail polish, swatch

I used two coats of Under The Miss-tletoe and a coat of Seche Vite, which caused some shrinkage of the polish at the tips.

Sation_Under_The_Miss-tletoe_Swatch_2, nail polish, nail art

I saved this color and Holiday Golightly for the last report of this collection because I want to show you how absolutely perfect they are for Christmas time, particularly if you fancy a northern white Christmas. The next picture is taken in the afternoon on Christmas Day. We were having a beautiful Christmas snow falling, which you can't see in the picture, but notice the colors of the tree, the snow and the sky. The scene absolutely mirrors Sation Under The Miss-tletoe and Holiday Golightly.

Christmas Day 2012, Anchorage, Alaska

Holiday Golightly is the perfect match to a winter day's snow outside at my house. It's the light blue color with a kiss of frost inside. The shimmer mirrors the polish color and flashes an icy white in some lights with the camera lens. It's not silver tho, it's just one of those things with color that a camera sometimes does where you see it look like it might be silver.

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly, swatch

Sation Nail Polish, Holiday Go Lightly Nail Polish, swatch

I like to describe this nail polish as delicate as it has almost a lacy type of feel with the lightness of color and the light shimmer. It is SO beautiful!! It was such a surprise to me. You can't tell off a website that it was going to have such personality and be so ladylike in it's appeal. I just really love it. I couldn't get enough of looking at it. It's almost to the point where I feel like I could wear this one polish all winter long and it would be perfect.

I anticipated the question I thought most people would it a dupe of China Glaze For Audrey? So I took some pictures to show you the difference.


On a swatch wheel, I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the left and China Glaze For Audrey on the right.


Pictures will do a more adequate job of showing you the differences than I think my words can. Simply put, For Audrey is a simple creme formula and Holiday Golightly is the sky aqua color with microshimmers. It is the color of winter snow with a kiss of frost. At least way up north in the dead of winter, our snow has an aqua tint.

I have Sation Holiday Golightly on the middle and pinky fingers and China Glaze For Audrey on the ring finger. (My Seche Vite globbed at the base of my middle finger, ugh, giving it that really great lopsided cuticle look. :/)




Again, the shimmer is a delicate tone on tone that runs more to white than it does silver. The camera often reads a shimmer particle as silver no matter what color it is, but there is NO silver in this nail polish.



Delicate. Lacy. Seriously, you just have to experience it!


All Sation nail polishes are Big 3 Free. They have a nice pro brush, making them easy to apply smoothly. You can find them on the Miss Professional nail website, TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Winner's in Canada.

(Both nail polishes pictured were provided by PR for the company, which in no way shapes or forms my opinion. All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.)


  1. I love how you show the polishes with the Christmas decorations, such a pretty touch.

    1. Thank you, Marcia. I appreciate that all the more coming from you!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful snow you have there. I'd probably freeze to death though. At low 70's here, I am cold as ice! I'll check my local TJM for these lacquers, they look fab!

    1. There really is something special about Christmas snow. I'm really over the other 6-8 months of it tho. Hawaii is my "happy place".

  3. I absolutely need Holiday Go Lightly! I find myself jealous of your gorgeous snow, here in Chicago we've had just a few snowflakes. It's kind of sad, really :(. Our summer was unbearably hot and now it seems we won't have much of a winter!

    1. Yesterday we were about 25 degrees warmer than Chicago!! That'll change really quickly, tho.

      Everyone needs Holiday Golightly! Everyone!!


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