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EnvyDerm Jolie Volumnizing And Conditioning Lip Plumper Gloss Swatches And Review

If you've ever wondered how to get plumper lips, you need to know that there is a lip gloss that can do just that without burning or feeling uncomfortable.   EnvyDerm Volumnizing and Conditioning Lip Plumper  is a very comfortable and moisturizing lip plumping gloss.  I'm just going to tell you right up front that I really like it!  REALLY like it!!  The color I have is called Jolie, a pink toned peach with golden shimmer.

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing Plumper Jolie, lipgloss, swatch

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing Plumper Jolie, lipgloss, swatch

I've tried other plumping glosses in the past that tingled but didn't do anything, and a few that burned my lips with fruit acids to the point of blistering. EnvyDerm is a very pleasant spearmint flavor and feels so moisturizing that it's a real pleasure to wear it. It is applied with a paddle shaped applicator that's easy to use.


This gloss wears very well, lasting several hours through eating and drinking, keeping the lips moisturized and shiny as it wears down. The gloss uses peptides and tripeptides that treat your lips and boost the collagen and studies show that with a continuous 28 days of wear, there is a lasting enhancement to lip volume and the lip contour. I haven't worn this 28 days in a row to test that result, but I wear it quite often. I just really enjoy it.

EnvyDerm is formulated with over 13 organic moisturizing oils, including argan and jojoba oils, vitamins, super fruit berries and extracts which soothe, soften, condition and prevent dryness. It comes in 10 different colors and I'm telling you Jolie is a natural lip enhancing color.


You can purchase EnvyDerm Lip Volumnizing and Conditioning Plumper on the EnvyDerm website for $28.00.   You can follow them on FacebookTwitter, and even on Pinterest.  Just trust me and get this refreshing and comfortable lipgloss.

I'm going to leave you with another picture in nighttime indoor lighting.  It doesn't show the color very well, but it really shows you the great shine that you get from this gloss.

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing Plumper Jolie, lipgloss, swatch
Have you tried any of the EnvyDerm products yet?  Do you have any horror stories from other lip plumpers.  Boy, I sure do!!

(Product provided by PR.  All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation.  Please see Disclosure Policy for more information.)


  1. What a beautiful color! I love plumping lip glosses that don't burn! I never had a problem with lip fusion lip plumpers and though all lip plumpers were the same until I tried DuWop Venom. OMG. You would have thunk I dipped my lips in some Sriracha Hot Pepper Sauce. That stuff burned like nobody's business. It was so bad that the skin around my lips turned bright red and my lips looked inflamed. It was all I could do to put some whole milk on my lips and then slather them with polysporin until the redness went away. Never again!

    1. Yikes!!!! I tried the DuWop. Once was enough for me. Dior put out some plumbers in tubes prolly 7-10 years ago...beautiful colors. I got one but it blew my lips up and I got blisters that left scars. It was awful. They used malic acid for the plumping agent which I found out I'm allergic to so ugh, some plumpers are no fun. The Dior came and went quickly so I wonder if it wasn't just me.


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