Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Fingerpaints Candy Coated Nail Polish And Bead Collection

This is pretty exciting for nail lovers. I saw a new Fingerpaints nail polish collection called Candy Coated and it had three polishes and three tubs of different colored beads. I swear I thought somewhere on the display it called them caviar beads but my picture from the store is so bad that I can't read it. And yet, I'm going to share it with you!!

Fingerpaints Candy Coated Collection Nail Polish Caviar, nail art, beaded nails

The three springy colored nail polishes are, from left to right, a purple called Spun Sugar, a coral named Gimme Some Sugar, and an aqua that I passed by because I have Holiday Golightly by Sation so I didn't need it.

Fingerpaints Candy Coated Collection Caviar Nail polish, beaded nail art

There are three colors of caviar type, or fish egg, or mini craft beads to apply on your wet nail. The black is called Sweet Tooth and the coral is named Sugar-Coated. The third color was already sold out by the time I had found these at Sally's and I'm told it had the aqua and purple in it and another third color.

If you're not familiar with the fish egg style manicure, this is how you do it. Paint your nails and while they're wet, dip whichever finger you want to in the pot of beads. Pull it out and push the beads into the wet polish. Lightly pick or sweep away any extras or beads in awkward places, like the very tip of your nail. Once dry, cover with top coat to protect the beads. Most people do this on one nail as an accent.

This is from the Fingerpaints Facebook page:

The bead pots retail for $3.99 each, the same as a bottle of Fingerpaints nail polish. You can find these at Sally's Beauty Supply.....IF YOU HURRY!!!
Fingerpaints nail beads, caviar nails, nail art, nail polish.

***Edited to add:  After checking another Sally Beauty Supply, I've found the third bead jar, which is full of a mix of cotton candy colored beads.  Inside are purple, lavender, light pink, baby blue and yellow with some clear thrown in here and there.  The name of this set of beads is Candy Drops.

You should check THIS POST and see my DIY for making a reusable beaded sticker with the Fingerpaints beads.  You can do it!!


  1. google martha stewart micro beads....same concept. bunch of colors. WAY cheaper. only think i HATE about the "caviar" nail fad is that the beads do not stay on for more than one day

    1. I keep thinking I should go to Michael's and get craft beads in colors that are "me", but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.


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