Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Palette Swatches & Review

Here is a great palette I wanted to share with you that covers a lot of different themes and eye looks all in one well structured, well thought out palette. I have been looking for things that would help me to travel with fewer eye shadows. When I travel, it seems like I take too many things because I want to be able to wear neutral shades, purples, and smokey shades. This palette will be everything I need for an upcoming wedding week.

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eye Palette

I always love the packaging of Too Faced items. They're retro, kitchy, cool and cute. The packaging always appeals to me and beckons to me to look further within.

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Palette

Inside the box, you will find the palette containing 15 coordinating shades in three basic themes. The palette has a fully mirrored lid as well.

Too Faced, The Return Of Sexy Palette, eyeshadow, palette,

Stuck behind the mirror are three cards that have day and night looks for each of the three color sets. Of course, you can do as many combinations as you want, but this gives you several ideas that you can follow.

Too Faced, Return of Sexy Palette, Eyeshadow palette

The following pictures show both sides of just one of the cards.

Too Faced Cosmetics, The Return of Sexy Palette, eyeshadow, swatches

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eye Palette

Also included with the palette is a travel sized Too Faced Shadow Insurance, an eye primer with a cult-type following. Love this primer!!

Too Faced Cosmetics Eye Shadow Insurace

You will also find a waterproof eyeliner pencil in a deep black that has a spongy applicator for smudging on one end and the pencil tip on the other.

Too Faced Return Of Sexy eye kohl

Too Faced Return Of Sexy Eye kohl

The 15 shadows can be used wet or dry and are combined in a way to create three separate palettes within the large palette.

Neutral shades:

Too Faced, cosmetics, Return of Sexy palette, eyeshadow

The swatches are done with some sponge tipped applicators. I'm thinking these particular applicators don't work very well for swatching, but you can still see the basic colors. Too Faced eye shadows apply a lot smoother and deeper with a brush than these cheap applicators would indicate.

Too Faced, The Return Of Sexy Palette, eyeshadow Swatches

The purples:

Too Faced, cosmetics, beauty, The Return of Sexy palette, eyeshadow

Too Faced The Return of Sexy Palette. swatches, eyeshadow

And the smokes:

Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette, eyeshadow

Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette Swatches, eyeshadow

I've managed to collect quite a few Too Faced eye and/or face palettes during the past year. They are all fun and the price point is great for all that you get. You just can't beat them.

You can find this palette at Sephora or on Too Faced online for just $48 which includes 15 shadows, an eyeliner and the mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  You can't go wrong with their products.  Too Faced is a cruelty free cosmetic brand.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.
What's your favorite Too Faced product?  I'd have to waver between the Shadow Insurance in Candlelight and the Shadow Bon Bons Palette.  Or maybe this one.  Such a hard choice!!
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  1. I got this palette for my birthday and I love it!

    1. Isn't it great? My three favorite color schemes all together. Happy, happy. :)

  2. The shades are really gorgeous--I love the neutral and purple shades the best! And 3 quints for $48 is a great deal! But I do wish they had more of a mix of finishes--some mattes would've been nice!

    1. Oh you have a point. One of their matte palettes would go well. This is THE perfect palette for me to travel with. I was so thrill to see the color schemes.

  3. OMG!!! This palette is so pretty. Love the shades for they look light and warm. I usually prefer these kinds of shades for they bring out natural beauty. Gotta save now to have these.

    1. These are totally my scheme of shades. It's like they knew me!

  4. I looked at this palette, but the reason I didn't buy was because every single shadow is shimmer. I love my shimmer, don't get me wrong, but.. I wanted a few matte shades, too. So instead I bought shadow bon bons and was totally bummed out by the results! I'm going to look around (this is my first post of yours I've read, I found it linked from another blog) and see if you review that one and what you thought. I have never ever returned a makeup product until the bon bons. The shadows were difficult to work with and had so much fallout, plus they made my eyelids itch like crazy!

    1. I do have Bon Bons but haven't reviewed it yet. I've worn it a few times though with no problems. Did you use the Shadow Insurance too or a different shadow base? I'm sorry they didn't work for you. I don't wear a lot of mattes, preferring subtle shimmer, because my kids are pretty dry. Mattes don't usually pack enough pigment for me and they're hard to budge on my lids, even with a primer. I use them a little, not a lot.


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